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Why MindYog?

Top Expertise
Psychologists are highly experienced in their respective fields, having M.phil, MSc and MA degrees in clinical psychology. Most of them are RCI Registered, and Licensed.
Multiple Channels
You may avail sessions according to your comfort using one or more of the following options: Face-to-face, Audio, Video, Chat.
We respect your privacy and therefore your identity and information you provide remain completely confidential with us.
Mindyog aims to ensure that mental wellness services are affordable for all hence, offer all its services at the most affordable prices for the given quality.
You can reach us any time of the day. We are just a call/text/email away.
Our entire process is very transparent. Our representatives do their best to explain the pricing and the entire process.


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What we offer?

What we offer?

MindYog is a leading service provider for Psychological Therapy and Counseling

Get the Best Online Psychological Counselling and Therapy

Mental well being is an integral part of our overall health. Most people tend to ignore this fact, and suffer from diseases such as depression, loneliness, marital strife, work stress, anxiety, etc. Even there are many children in our society who could be having mental health issues, which may range from getting bullied in school, to exam phobia, and can even extend to eating disorders. Similarly there are working professionals who might be going through a lot of stress, and not able to maintain a balance between professional and personal life, or even finding it difficult to cope with a job role assigned to them.

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"MindYog is a leading service provider for Psychological Therapy and Counseling. It consists of leading Psychotherapists who have experience of over 15 years in this field, have treated over thousands of patients. We use scientific methods and state of the art practices to heal mental disorders."

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During the pandemic situation it was really difficult to consult a Psychologist directly. Online psychological counselling is an updated way to be in contact with an mental health expert. It seems convenient for those are staying far from clinic. Mindyog offered you a quality service. They provide sessions through video or audio calling and text.
If you’re searching to gain insight into your true self, there are many resources and questionnaires available on the internet. Many times, quizzes that are available online and are taken by visitors create a very stressful and negative situation for them. Often visitors react very negatively, feel sad and don't get access to appropriate treatment or solutions. Before we scientifically test them, we can not differentiate between pseudoscience and science. Online self-tests are not accurate diagnostic tools. It takes years of practice and experience for a clinical psychologist to be a good clinician who could use their skills and experience while assessing patients. This allows them to have a nice understanding of the patients and be able to obtain a good case history from available information and resources.
www.mindyog.com is a very good website for gaining information about various treatments that are available for psychological disorders and is also very popular for various psychology courses. It also features regularly updated blogs on common issues related to psychology such as anxiety, depression, clinical psychology, the importance of counselling, child counselling, family therapy, couple counselling. They also provide a wide spectrum of psychological therapies for various mental health disorders. This website is a comprehensive guide in the field of psychology.

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Our Blog

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