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Sessions Duration: 30 mins

Have an initial discussion with the psychologist over phone or video. Share your concern - understand the root cause - discover the way forward.

Fee: $15.00 USD

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We break the mental health stigma and understand that having a psychological issue is just as normal as having a physical health issue, like a broken bone or an infected stomach. These issues are completely treatable with the help of the right therapy and counseling.


Why choose MindYog for Your Psychotherapy and Counselling

  • MindYog consists of leading Psychotherapists who have experience of over 15 years in this field, have treated over hundreds of patients.
  • Our qualified and experienced psychological counsellors and clinical psychologists provide a diverse range of solutions to help patients treat their mental health issues, through emotional and psychological support.
  • We have highest regard for the privacy of our patients and all therapy sessions are kept confidential.
  • Attend your sessions from the comfort of your home/office


Naina Agarwal

Dr. Swati has been my therapist since March. I started taking therapy from her when I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and she seemed to be the only one at the time who would help me without judging me.

What instantly struck me about her was that she didn't believe in lending a shoulder to cry on or someone who would just listen to all your problems to make you feel better for some time. She was gentle yet determined at the same time and told me "These are your problems. Only you can do something about them. You can't keep brooding over them and not deal with them." Her method is to make people feel empowered. It is difficult for a person with depression to feel anything at all, but she reassured me that I had the power to deal with it and helped me along the way till I believed in it. She taught me mindfulness and every week I could feel the progress. There were times when I completely broke down before her and felt like there is no way out. She listened to me patiently and calmly reminded me of my progress and told me that if I have made it this far, then its worth going forward. My husband and I have also taken couple's counselling from her to enrich the understanding in our relationship. The activities during the sessions made us feel more connected and made us realise the importance of togetherness. Dealing with depression is a time-taking process but her patience every step of the way has been commendable. She has a beautiful way of explaining everything which makes her very approachable. The way she taught me the different methods of mindfulness have changed my life greatly. After 6 months of therapy, I can gladly say that I know now that situations change. Always. And you have the power to change them.

Nupur Agarwal

I have been taking sessions with Swati ma’am from the past 6 months now. When I'd started, I was not in such a good mental state and had a lot of issues.

Swati ma’am listened to them very patiently, and gradually started helping me out with them. She is very professional and methodical with her various therapies. She is also very sweet, polite and understanding. All of her therapies are really effective once you start following them diligently. I have seen a tremendous positive shift in my personality and life as a whole in these past 6 months. The various issues that I had have almost been dealt with fully, and I plan to continue taking sessions with her in the coming months too. You seldom come across good psychologists these days, and Swati di is one of those rare few.

Vaibhav Jain

It's been more than 1.5years, since we are taking counselling from Swati ma’am. Initially I was so apprehensive regarding multiple issues that we are facing as a couple because of certain peraonality issues.

But ma'am patiently listen to each and every details shared by us. Narrowed down the factors from where the actual issues are coming. Identified the mixed personality issues and then slowly and gradually tried to work it out on all the problem areas. Her understanding and command on human psychology is phenomenal. I can only say.... Swati ma'am is like a 'santa' in our life. Now we are relatively at a better state of mind and working towards rectifying all the issues mutually.

Head Psychologist

Swati Agarwal

M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology)

Swati Agarwal

She did her Bachelors and Masters in Clinical Psychology as a Gold Medallist from Rajasthan University. She went on to complete her M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, which is accredited by RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India). She is also a certified Hypnotherapist. Her major areas of specialization are Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology and Health Psychology.

Adding laurels to her already distinguished portfolio, she has attended various International Seminars on Health and Medicine. She has also been associated with Radio City for Various Talk Shows to increase awareness and offer solutions to problems related to social issues like parenting, stress during exams, internet addiction and the like.

In her working span of over 3 years, she has successfully treated innumerable patients with complaints of depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, marital discord/disharmony, substance and/or mobile addiction, prolonged grief disorder, premarital therapy, obsessive compulsive disorder, dissociative disorders, personality issues, dependency issues, trust issues, inferiority complex issues, among others.

In the coming days, her primary initiative would be to help people understand that addressing mental issues in a timely and efficient manner is as important as addressing issues related to any other part of the human body. She firmly believes that each and every individual deserves to be happy and wants to contribute in eradicating the mental health "stigmas" which prevail in our country. Her mission is to provide World Class Mental Care to one and all, to reach out to and help more and more individuals suffering from mental and emotional problems. Global Mental Empowerment is her work ethos and she would continue to live by the principle that "a happy mind can only make this world a happier place to live in".

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