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Best Platform For Online Counselling Psychology Internship

This program is ideal for you if you're seeking for a way to receive training in applied Counselling psychology. For all aspiring psychologists, Mindyog offers the best internship program available. This is the place to conclude your quest for the ideal psychology internship. This clinical psychology internship program will be a fantastic stepping stone to your career in psychology, from helping you grasp the ethics and complexities of online counseling with the advent of the online era to practicing counseling under the direct supervision of RCI Licensed psychologists.

Types of Internships
Eligibility Criteria

Students Success


Puja Mishra


I have done 1 month online internship programme at the Mind Yog. It was an amazing learning experience. As well as very good services


Bhavana C R


I have recently done an internship here and it was a good experience, got to learn a lot even if it was online. My mentor and the team had been wonderful throughout. Thank you for everything.


Drishti Chatterjee


Great internship experience! Learned a lot of new things and the same will help me much in my future endeavours.


Rachel Grace


Hello. I had a very good learning experience from Mindyog and Their team.

Why MindYog?

  • Mentoring and coaching by skilled and experienced and RCI licensed mentors.
  • 100% Placement Assistance.
  • 500 + Student Internships Completed.
  • 100 + Students Taught.
  • Internship Certificate and Experience Letter.
  • Practical and live experiences.

Psychology Internship Online

Internships at Mindyog are different and unique in their own ways, as we aim to provide all the necessary knowledge and experience to students who wish to become future counsellors or psychologists. All our mentors are highly skilled and experienced and licensed with RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India). We bestow our efforts and time to teach and provide them with the best possible knowledge and experience. The advantage of Virtual Internship / Online Internship is that you would be able to gain the requisite experience and knowledge of in-person internship without a commute and from the comfort of your home and thus complete the requirements.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

With Our Counselling Psychology Internship Kolkata, we offer:

  • Orientation to psychology, with special emphasis on the practical aspect of counselling psychology.
  • Sessions on different therapies.
  • Case discussion session with practising consultants - based on real-life case studies.
  • In-depth analysis and experience on case history taking process.
  • Career Guidance to students who wish to explore psychology as their career option.

All of the above is done under the strict supervision of Experts at MindYog

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Types of Internships

1. Psychotherapy internships

Fees: INR 4500/-

Duration: 1 month

  • Introduction to psychological therapies and opportunities for online clinical psychology internship for undergraduates
  • Clinical Interview and Case History taking skills including MSE
  • Screening tests - to detect potential symptoms of the disorders
  • Different kinds of Psychological Test administration & interpretation
  • Report writing - documentation which contains the results of the testing and summary
  • Case history sessions from patients (10 sessions)

2. Case-specific (on a particular disorder)

Fees: Depends upon the duration of the course

This internship for psychology students is based on a particular disorder or issue, aspirants who wish to learn/enhance their skills in a specific disorder or areas like marital issues, depression, anxiety and many more other cases, can be at a benefit from this internship.

  • Case History taking skills including MSE
  • Psychological Test administration, & interpretation
  • Screening tests - to detect potential symptoms of the disorders
  • Report writing - documentation which contains the results of the testing and summary)
  • Therapy sessions (Disorder specific)

Eligibility Criteria -

  • Beginner Counselors with Psychology/Social Work/Counseling Background
  • Psychology UG, PG and M.Phil Students
  • Social Work UG, PG and M.Phil Students
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy Students
  • Psychiatric Nursing Students
  • Students who are available to work from home immediately
  • Preferably students of psychology
  • Basic knowledge and interest in the subject
  • PhD students

Benefits -

  • Continuous mentoring and coaching by industries experts
  • Opportunity of online paid psychology internship
  • Internship Certificate and Experience Letter
  • Quality students to have opportunities to work at Mindyog
  • Placement Assistance
  • Letter of recommendations for further studies or work references
  • Platform to showcase your skills and talent
  • Practical and live experiences including followings,
    1. Communication techniques ( mirror technique, Using the Senses, Master Emotional Triggers )
    2. Therapeutic and intervention approaches ( autobiographical journaling, JPMR, Free association etc).
    3. Taking case histories and designing case studies.
    4. Developmental Studies and their application in understanding client behaviour
    5. Designing Treatment Plans (Client-centred approach, Psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, REBT, CBT, Child regression therapy etc).


Student Internships Completed


Students Taught


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