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Advanced Consultation

Session Duration: 45 minutes

Price: ₹ 799

  • Face To face
  • Over telephone
  • Over VIDEO

Validity: 5 Days

Super sessions

Session Duration: 120 minutes

Price: ₹ 3499

  • One session of 120 minutes (Face To Face or VIDEO)
  • 1 follow up session over chat of 1 hour
  • Psychological Assessment Test (non included)

Validity: 7 Days

Premium Session & Therapy

Session Duration: 50 minutes

Price: ₹ 4999 (Rs. 7999)

(valid till 8th July 2020 only)
  • One Initial consultation of 50 minutes
  • 2 Therapy sessions of 90 minutes each
  • 6 chat sessions of one hour each
  • Free psychological Assessment Tests

Validity: 21 Days

Online Therapy

Online therapy can be rightly described as the process where a professional therapy is provided via video conferencing. It is strongly recommended for those people who want to avail of the therapy but cannot get any assistance. The major problems for this are that they either stay far away or reside in a different city or are not able to afford time due to a hectic work schedule. In some cases the candidate even wants to hide his or her identity and so wants to go for online therapy.

Such candidates can take help if they are suffering from a mental health disorder. It might be a challenge to seek a psychological therapy session in person due to societal stigmas and taboos. Alas! they go untreated. To provide support to such people, online therapy would suit them the best. Availing online therapy has also helped decrease the number of missed or cancelled sessions by the patients.

Rural residents, introverts or other backward sections of the society find it difficult to get hold of a reliable therapist. Therefore, getting treated online by the best therapist in Kolkata is more preferable for them than travelling to the city every week.

By concealing the patient's identity, a counsellor can reach out to the troubled children and youth who need a therapist. Even though they are in severe crisis and want to make a distress call, they simply shy away. Such people can become suicidal and only need someone to talk to about their emotions. This might stop them from committing homicide or suicide. 


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