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What is Motivation Enhancement Therapy?

Motivation Enhancement Therapy (MET) also known as Motivation Interviewing( MI) is a client centred, directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and evolving ambivalence.

It helps the counsellors at MindYog to meet the clients as they are, accept their worldview, and enhance their efforts to change. It has been used to help indecisive clients more clearly assess their thoughts and feelings as they contemplate changes. It is a process of engagement which helps to explore discrepancies of life so as to be intrinsically motivated and change behaviour.


MET is a brief counselling intervention designed to reduce a client’s conflict towards change, while increasing his or her motivation to engage in the behaviour change process .

The goal of MET is to produce the conditions in which the clients can choose to change, work through the ambivalence through the use of self-talk and an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of making changes. Rather than acting as the change maker, the therapist at MindYog engages with the client to explore his or her feelings, including ambivalence about changing, and help the client find his own motivations. The therapist becomes a support mechanism allowing the client the autonomy to choose and reach conclusions without being under external pressure or burden.

While it was originally created to treat addictions, it has now become a standard intervention with many behavioural related therapies and many health related concerns. The most common problems where MET is most successful are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Gambling Problems
  • Drug abuse and Dependence
  • Pornography or Sexual Addictions

It comprises of 3 aspects:

AUTONOMY: The emphasis is on the client’s right to make choices

EVOCATION: Eliciting the client’s inner response

COLLABORATION: Partnering with client to reach their stated goals with respect for their inner strength and resources

MindYog’s approach to MET

  • It is directive
  • It helps to identify personal goals
  • It attends to, and reinforces selective change talk regarding the behavioural problems at hand. Change talk refers to the client’s speech arguing for change
  • It facilitates an atmosphere of trust
  • It helps to recognize member’s readiness to change
  • It helps to identify and resolve the client’s ambivalence
  • It navigates resistance by the client
  • It strengthens commitment to change.

MindYog - Kolkata’s Best Psychological Wellness Centre attempts to collaborate with patients, with their reigns in their own hands and Enhances Motivation to Change.

Mental health professionals at MindYog help the client by meeting them at their current level of motivation and work towards increasing it to the highest level possible.

One of the most important skills required for MET is active listening. Our in-house psychology consultants and mental health counsellors are highly trained and possess these skills that eventually lead to success of a consultation.

Reach out to our Psychologist at MindYog who have over 12 years of experience in face to face Counselling Sessions and Online Counselling Sessions, to help resolve a wide range of issues related to mental health.

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