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Mehedi Hassan

It has been around 2 months since I first visited MindYog, for I wasn't feeling well about myself and things were worse.Since I am a JEE Aspirant and am currently studying in Fiitjee, my course needs lot of study and I absolutely couldn't study even for minutes.I could not take up things and couldn't complete any.I lost my appetite and always ended up confining myself in a room away from the world.I was diagnosed with clinical depression.And has been taking therapy from Swati Maam.My life has changed a lot now .I am doing good with my studies and personal life.My appetite got better.Communication with family and friends got better and now I am able to channelize my thoughts and actions into things which I should be doing.The attitude that Swati Ma'am potrays inhibts positive energy.She and Trisha Di (Swati Maam's assistant ) has helped me come out of that drastic phase of life.I can never thank them enough for what I am now.I hope to do even better in future and am sure with Maam's help I will overcome all odds of depression.May God bless us all and help us to live a beautiful life with the power to accept things as they.....

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