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Top 10 Tips To Help Yourself Lead A Better Lifestyle

Top 10 Tips To Help Yourself Lead A Better Lifestyle

The year 2020 has shown us the real face of life in so many ways. Starting from the COVID-19 pandemic to recession to job loss to depression and others, we have almost seen it all. It is going to be a year soon when we all have been stacked into our homes either with immense mental pressure or with depression. Such situations have brought about many heinous crimes and have given birth to individuals with mental imbalance. That is why psychological counselling has become the quintessential need for all: kids, adults as well as aged people. In this blog, we shall be exhibiting some of the most prevalent issues that psychologists have seen and will also, tell you about some amazing tips to lead a better lifestyle. When you reach the end of this blog, we are sure that we will leave you with a highly positive mindset. Good luck!

Prevalent mental issues amongst all

Prevalent mental issues amongst all

  1. Depression has made several people hollow from within. It is such darkness where if a person plunges into, it becomes extremely difficult for him/her to come out. In such cases, only an efficient psychologist in Kolkata can help show the right way.
  2. Anxiety and stress are two other concerns that worry and bother even kids, leave alone adults. The regular exam fears, excessive burden to complete the syllabus under a lot of parental pressure, meeting their own expectations, etc. make kids anxious. 

As a result of it, they take to unfair means during exams and hide their failures from their parents. Thus, it creates a massive communication gap between the children and their parents, making the lives of the kids all the more stressful.

  1. Insecurity is common amongst the aged population of our society. As their abilities to work and fend for themselves start waning, they grow insecure. There are other reasons as well. You will find there are many whose children have settled abroad and that they only have a few relatives and some good-hearted neighbors helping them on humanitarian grounds. 

Yet such old people long for the company of their own family but are deprived of that pleasure. Such deprivations and lack of emotional support make them mentally weak and they grow more insecure with the passing seconds. The best psychologist in Kolkata always suggests that you lend a helping hand to the aging citizens of our society and being with your parents when they need you the most.

Online therapy in counseling helps everyone to deal with their individual situations but a bigger part of dealing with your mental wellbeing is how you see yourself. This is valid for people of every age. Now take a look at these easy and lovely tips to stay happy and mentally healthy. 

What should you do?

Counselling psychology strongly believes in making your stay happy. Getting psychological help is wise but what happens after you stop seeing your counselor? The majority of you do not follow the prescribed measures as stated by the counselor. Yet you can try out these simple ways to make your life happier and less complex ever.

  • Tip 1: To begin with, keep a positive mind. Do not pay heed to any negative talks or comments. It is a blatant truth that what people think and say about us does affect our feelings and in the process, it also impacts our mental health. Let this not be the case as you should learn to ‘Value Yourself’ in spite of your looks, body type, weight, complexion, profession, and the likes. 
  • Tip 2: Read! Read! And Read! The more you read good books, the better human being will you grow into. Books not only fill your minds with good thoughts but also become your best companion when you want to shut the world out. Books on topics like travels, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, happiness, love, flowers, etc. create a positive and beautiful impact on your mind and soul. Reading great books on mental counselling also suffices you with awesome tips for staying mentally healthy.
  • Tip 3: Visit places that you enjoy being in. This can be the garden or the terrace of your home, your favorite coffee shop, the houses of your loved ones, and anywhere that makes you happy. True happiness lies within yourself and in places that give you good vibes. Places with beautiful feelings give your mind the required relaxation even amidst your hectic schedules. This is why many people happen to take those ‘Happy Breaks’ every week and indulge themselves to unbound the stress.
  • Tip 4: As a parent, you can indulge in simple child counselling. Interact with your child and get involved in their activities. It will help in better bonding and cement the relationship. Besides, once your child finds a confidant in you, you can simply help him/her to find solutions to their problems and childhood issues. 
  • Tip 5: Music therapy as per your desire. There is no doubt about the fact how music can impact a person’s heart, mind, and soul. Look for counselling near me and talk to the centre. Either you take their help or else you can simply listen to good music that makes your heart reveal. 
  • Tip 6: Join a meditation group other than doing it all alone. Meditation makes you feel relaxed and all the ill thoughts will definitely stay at bay. Depression does not come close and the breathing exercises make you feel better. Being in the company of positive people surrounds you with good energy and thoughts. Search for a good psychologist near me and he/she will also advise you the same.
  • Tip 7: Socialise with more like-minded people. It helps you to realize that you are not alone in this race of life. There are similar people like you who do feel what you do. This gives you the feeling of being stronger and then lets you fight your own battle without any defeat. Besides, confiding in a stranger is way better and easier than talking to an acquaintance since there are scarce chances of you getting judged.
  • Tip 8: Take the help of online psychological assistance without any delay. There are many ways in which you can feel better and this is one such modern way to do so. You will be shown videos and discussions about the importance of mental wellbeing.
  • Tip 9: Cook and eat your favorite meal. Even if you are bad at cooking then also we would suggest that you try. Cooking is actually therapeutic as it takes out your agony and anxiety. Experimenting with different types of dishes keeps your mind diverted from stress and you can easily keep negative thoughts away besides taking to psychiatric counselling.
  • Tip 10: Whether in your home or office, always surround yourself with ‘feel good’ things. These can be good smelling incense sticks, pretty figurines, flowers, etc. Once you are surrounded by positive things you are bound to feel way better than usual. Such good things reflect well on your life thus, making you more efficient in dealing with your personal issues.

Every psychological counsellor instills faith and self-confidence in you. Having said that, you should know that you can win your own battles. So, see a psychologist at your earliest and get expert advice. Moreover, you must try your utmost to know yourself better than anyone else. Yes, it does get difficult at times to deal with the internal issues but giving in is definitely not the answer. That is why we have enlisted the best possible tips to guide you through life’s journey and also be successful in helping those who would need your help. 

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