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Dr. Paresh

"Myself Dr. Paresh, I am a radiologist by profession and was suffering from OCD for 25 years. I had fear of God and was obsessed with right and wrong doings. When I met Swati, I was suffering from severe depression, so much that I was having suicidal tendencies. A good friend of mine referred me to Swati, and the first benefit I received was to get over my suicidal tendencies. I felt relieved when she asked me to call her any time of the day whenever required. I felt I have someone who is there to help me out in this crucial time. When I met her, out of paraparesis I didn’t go for any physical workouts. But because of our discussions and my motivation I was able to start doing Yoga which I enjoyed the most. She does counseling at such ease - that you don't feel like you are taking any session. Though I think I am 20 years elder to her - she broke age barrier in 1-2 sessions ,this helped me in conyeying my problems to her as if I am talking to freind. I am very blessed to have psychologist like Dr Swati."

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