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Arpita Singh

I never realized I needed therapy until I got one. All thanks to my psychologist, Swati. It has been almost 4 months and there are drastic changes in my mental health. I know how to take care of my mental health(which I always knew is thing but never knew how to do it). I know myself better now. Less anxiety, less stress for me. No judgements, just listening (which not everyone can do) from my psychologist's side. I can talk about the stupidest to the most dark thing without any insecurity. When I approached MindYog I was really nervous. I did not know how to talk about my personal stuff. Trisha called me and was really nice to me. She's always so composed and polite. Talking to Nidhi was such a relief for a first timer. She really took good care of me while I was almost breaking. Talking to her instantly brightened up my mood. And my psychologist, Swati did everything in her power to elevate my mental well being. She's like my elder sister giving me tips about life and I respect that. Feels like home whenever I talk to her. Thankyou for making me learn how to handle myself and know myself better.

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