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Personal Empowerment

Health Psychology

Personal Empowerment is all about controlling one’s own life and making positive decisions based on need. Personal Empowerment means giving yourself permission to succeed. At MindYog the experts will help one to achieve his Empowerment, not as an entitlement, but as a means to build a path to achieve success through work, reflection and cooperation.

MindYog’s Procedure of Building Personal Empowerment

MindYog will help one to be self-empowered through the following procedure under the guidance of our expert counsellors:

  • Know Yourself:
    The first step is to be self-aware. The counsellor has verbal sessions to develop one’s awareness about his strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, measures are adopted to increase the emotional intelligence in order to analyse the balance between the practical and professional life.
  • Identifying Goals:
    Identifying Goals is one of the most important sessions one will come across in the course of sessions of MindYog. It will increase the focus and help increase expertise in any chosen field for goal achievement.

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