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Kriba Kirubakar

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Swati for the past 1 year. I started consulting with her for my anxiety and then transitioned into couple's counseling. I was going through a rough patch with family and had a terrible work-life balance which resulted in anxiety. Dr. Swati's methods are unique in the sense that they are empathetic, not sympathetic, they empower in totality. Her unique blend of western psychology, eastern Bhudhistic technique and mindfulness makes her a much more understanding and efficient psychologist. Her techniques are simple but revelatory. Following her procedure to alleviate my anxiety, resulted in the severity being reduced by a huge factor. They also lead to other positive consequences as I started building on and exploring more about her methods. All throughout, it wasn't a hand-held step by step course which makes the person totally dependant on the Psychologist Going through each exercise for the couple's counseling was an enriching experience. These sessions have surely made us realize what's important for each other. I can safely say that the bond is stronger than ever.

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