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Different reasons, people and situations can be blamed for degrading mental health amongst kids and adults. But the wisdom lies in the understanding to detect these reasons, people and situations and deal with them through consecutive counselling sessions. At MindYog, we provide excellent adult and child counselling sessions which have immense effects on your mental health and assist in gaining mental stability and peace of mind. However, before we proceed any further, you need to know why you or a child should be brought to our counsellors.

Why seek our counselling?

Adult and child counseling in Kolkata is reaching out to many patients who desperately need a therapist. With psychometric tests, evaluations and assessments, patients are doing rather well. If you want to avail of our counseling sessions, you need to go through this section first of all.

  1. Traumatic experiences leave a vacuum in our hearts and scars on our minds. Owing to these reasons, both adults and kids go through psychological trauma. Adult counselling in Kolkata is beneficial and our counsellors at MindYog help deal with these effortlessly.
  2. Adults are seen to have relationship issues with spouses, in-laws, colleagues and others, and these subsequently have a lot of side effects on their mental health. At MindYog, we believe that these issues have to be ruled out for your own good. Here, you need to remember that when parents are affected, children get affected too. And our best adult psychologist and the best child psychologist in Kolkata have a solution for both though we wish all of your good mental health.
  3. Often bullying becomes a dark part of growing up. It often has negative impressions on the child’s mind when he/she grows up. As an adult, they have trust issues, become social recluses and usually portray abnormal behaviour. Child counselling in Salt Lake sessions can quickly help to overcome these childhood issues.

What do our counsellors do?

Our counsellors are some of the best that you will ever come across. They are highly qualified, skilled and experienced in giving you the best counselling advice. Moreover, they understand your emotional, personal and social needs and requirements to help you enjoy better mental health. Therefore, our counsellors do the following during the adult and child counselling service in Kolkata to give you an unforgettable experience.

  1. First of all, you have to make an appointment with us for online or offline counselling sessions.
  2. In the first session for adult or kids counselling in Kolkata, our counsellor will have an open discussion where you must talk in detail about your concerns. Remember that no one will be there to make you feel uncomfortable.
  3. The counsellor begins to note down all the important points to be used later to form a case history and referred to in the future.
  4. During a counselling session, between a child and the child counsellor in Kolkata, a guardian or parent can accompany the child, but that is allowed only if the child is comfortable in his/her presence. At times teachers, nanny, friends and family of the child might be spoken to for a better understanding of the child’s problem.
  5. An adult counsellor in Kolkata, too, is likely to get in touch with the near ones of the patients to get a clearer view of the bigger picture. No medications are recommended unless the situation turns out to be really difficult.

Go for our online adult counselling and kids’ counselling sessions and see a ray of hope. With the excellent counselling sessions, you are sure to improve the quality of your life, family, relationship, work and mental health.

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