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Anxiety • Depression • Fights • Setbacks • Failures • Misunderstanding.

Is any of it relatable to your life?

If the answer is ‘YES’, we at MindYog are here to help you. With our top services for psychological counselling in Delhi, we professionally assess, help and guide you to diminish all of the negativities from your life and give you a well-aligned mind and thoughts. We also emphasize online counselling sessions since it has become the need of the hour. With this, we are reaching out to distant patients who want to avail themselves of our excellent counselling psychology in Delhi service.

Who are we?

MindYog is a leading brand name for counselling adults, older citizens, kids, and grown-ups. As we have a wide range of patients, we feel privileged to bring psychology to anyone who needs it. Sound mental health is our primary focus, and along with that, we also look into your personality development which can only be established with our different psychiatrists for psychological counselling in Delhi services.

Best Psychologist and Online Psychological Counselling in Delhi

What do we offer?

Feel free to dial our phone number or write to us to choose any of these excellent services.

Psychiatric Counselling

Our top psychological counsellors bring a comprehensive counselling session that makes each of our patients regain their lost confidence and bounce back to normal life. Our psychiatric counsellors are very educated and hold years of experience in psychiatric counselling. These two attributes make them assess and counsel patients with mild to severe psychological problems. Psychiatric counselling in Delhi is essential because a good life comes only from a sound mind. This service is specially designed for adults.

Child Counselling

Children are the future of our country and we cannot neglect their mental well-being. The mind is the seat of all thoughts and actions, and so it has to be healed and aligned. Our top child psychologist in Delhi often cites that children have to go through a lot of mental and emotional upheavals in the present world. Some of the very common reasons that trigger poor and disturbed mental health are sexual harassment, parental separation, dysfunctional family, exam pressure, etc. All these make them vulnerable and force them to succumb to challenging situations in life. We help such children to overcome their insecurities, pains and pressure.

Behavioral Therapy

Our behavioural therapy in Delhi is meant for anyone with serious anger issues, coping with skills, communication issues, etc. With this therapy, our therapists have come a long way in giving our patients the benefits of raising their self-esteem, controlling anger issues, creating positive thoughts, improving their communication skills, etc. After a huge success in our centres, we are now going ahead with the sessions for online behavioural therapy Delhi.

Marital Counselling

MindYog believes separation or divorce cannot always be the only solution for marital issues. Suppose you have problems like disagreements, clashes of opinions, severe quarrels, problems with in-laws, childlessness, careers, etc. The same outlook of online marriage counselling in Delhi offers you ways to resolve your problems with your spouse and then take a drastic decision. You will be able to improve the quality of your marriage and work on those areas that will benefit your relationship with assistance from the best marriage counsellor in Delhi at MindYog.

Depression Counselling

Depression has no face until it reflects on your face and behaviour. It is an evil that creeps slowly into your mind, and if you do not take the assistance of a professional, you can even go to the extent of harming yourself. This is why our premium online depression counselling in Delhi service helps you deal with all the negative thoughts and find a ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel. You can also learn how to deal with depression through our blogs on online remedies for depression in Delhi.

We are waiting to help you!


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