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Plaban Kabiraj

It all started with the fear of life and death, I used to have random inappropriate thoughts of short span of human beings, I always used to think we are getting a very less life span. The reality was hard to accept that time is running very fast and I was not able to fulfill my dreams as I wanted. Things got worse and I started over thinking. Just after my college life, I felt little Isolated, as most of my friends went in far cities for either higher studies or for jobs. Out of no where, I started getting panic attacks which I neglected before, but when it got worse, I started feeling serious abnormal body functioning which starting hurting me, specially a crushed pressure feeling in the middle of my chest. I was on medication and couldn’t sleep without medicines at night for years. I talked to my parents and then, had consulted doctor, after several tests I found myself normal but the pain was still unbearable. I was asked to consult a phycologist. A through in the internet, got to know about MINDYOG. 1st day was quite depressing for me as I never felt I had to face this day, I was not sure about what I am doing but I started feeling the changes in me, I was confident that I came to the right place. After a series of sessions, yes, I felt so fit, better than my normal health. Swati Mam, the person who changed my way of thinking, she helped me, looked into my matter with atmost care and professionalism, I never felt I am consulting to a phycologist, rather she accepted my bad mental health and treated me like her younger brother. Now I can sleep and that too without medications. I would highly recommend each one of you whoever facing issues like me, one thing I would like to mention, have complete faith on your doctor, she knows, she can feel. I am glad that I came here. Thanks to MindYog team, Trisha Di, for managing so well in your work with atmost dedication on recieving each and every client, and also thanks to Swati mam. She is an absolute Diva.

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