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Gopa Ghosh

Hi, I am Gopa Ghosh, I am 68 years old, I stay in salt lake with my two daughters. My mother passed away n 2018 January. I was very close with my mother and I was very much depressed and I thought of killing myself several times. I would cry a lot during the whole day. This was the time when my younger daughter called up MindYogso that a clinical psychologist can visit me. Because I couldn't go out of my home as I had two strokes, it was not possible for me to visit their clinic, so that the psychologist would come to my home every week to visit me. Slowly with a joint effort of me, my family and the therapist I came in terms with the loss of my mother and now a days I don't feel depressed, don't feel like killing myself. My appetite has increased and sleep also went good. I'm much more happy. I started reading story books, watching tv, watching outside and talk with people. My therapist( Swati Agarwal ) helped, motivated and encouraged me a lot and I am very thankful to her for all her efforts.

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