Workshops are the best way to reach out to group of people who are facing a common area of concern. Through workshops and group therapies it’s easier to understand the concepts which we all know in words but to apply them practically. We focus on keeping our workshops simple, informative, real and something which is practical or easy to use. We identify the presenting need of the people around and customise workshops to meet their demands.

We customise workshops for students which is focused on dealing with issues of student life like inferiority complex, poor communication skills, exam pressure, depression and anxiety in students, peer pressure, addiction, time management etc.

Next we customise workshops for youth which focuses on issues like self-identity and self-doubt using assertive training and communication skill development. Further there are workshops on anger management and stress management.

We also customise parenting workshops which helps the parents to get a better insight about the parent child relationship, conflict resolution, behaviour modification and time management in working professionals.

We have special workshops for conditions like anxiety and depression. Most of us at some point of our life has or is still going through depression or anxiety which arise due to life’s pressing situations, loss, negative thoughts, illness and so forth. The mild emotions at first becomes graver with time and it becomes difficult to cope with them. Our workshops are a safe place where people can come and share their thoughts and experiences and learn better way to cope up with life.

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