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Top 5 Ways To Deal With Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can damage your confidence and mar your desire to lead a better life. So, why risk it when you can go for the best psychologist counselling sessions within your reach? Psychologist counselling sessions heal you in different ways and also tell you how to keep negative thoughts at bay. Therefore, here we have discussed the top 5 ways to deal with negative thoughts and do away with them forever from your life.

  1. Identify your own problem and come to a solution 

Journaling and talking with your therapist can both help you to figure out what is causing your depression. When you have found something that bothers you, write it down in simple sentences and consider ways to improve it. The belief that things will never get better is one of the tell-tale signs of depression, so, avoid it. Making a written, or typed, list of things you can do to address the situation – for example, hitting the gym – can help alleviate feelings of depression.

  1. Counterattack every negative thought 

Once you have identified the source of your depression, write a self-statement to counteract each one, such as ‘I will do better next time’, instead of ‘I have failed in my attempt’. Repeat these positive sentences and phrases to yourself and memorise them so that you can recall them when needed. You will eventually form new associations to replace negative thought patterns with positive thought patterns.

  1. Use every opportunity to change a bad thought into a good one 

If you always have a negative reaction to something, you can retrain your brain to think positively. Psychiatric counselling says, rather than thinking, “I hate the colour of this room,” when you walk in, find 5 things in the room that you like. Just see the brighter side of everything. Setting your alarm three times a day is a good way to reframe your thoughts into something positive. If at all possible, team up with someone else who is working on the same technique, and then celebrate your victories together.

  1. Maintain a journal for daily use 

Keeping a gratitude journal is a wonderful habit to develop for anyone who is combating depression. Finish each day by writing an entry that highlights the highlights of the day. Simply focusing on the positives and writing down what you are grateful for can help you form new associations and create new pathways in your mind. When you wake up, you may think, ‘Another boring day at the office,’ but when you sit down to write your journal entry at bedtime, you may think, ‘What a beautiful sunny day it was.’ It is all about changing your perspective!

  1. Assess your disappointments 

Everyone experiences ups and downs, and disappointing situations are a normal part of life. Your reaction to each setback can determine how quickly you can move forward. For example, after a breakup, you may be blaming yourself, believing that ‘no one will ever find me attractive again.’ Allowing yourself to be disappointed about things you cannot change is a healthier approach, but writing down your lessons learned and what you can do differently next time is not.

Even the top psychologist in Kolkata would suggest you similar ways to deal with negative ways of thinking and dealing with disappointments. You too will be able to deal with it all and you will definitely see the magic in no time! 

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