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Dealing with Adolescents with the Guidance of Online Psychiatric Counselling

As per the analysis of the online psychiatric counselling discussions, being the guardian or parents of an adolescent is indeed difficult. It is so not because they are difficult to handle but their problems are not easily identified. Adolescence is the tender age between 10-19 years (as per WHO). Individuals between this age span go through a lot of hormonal, physical and emotional changes. They even have to cope with social changes. All these together put them through a rough journey in life and all they demand is your understanding.

Common problems faced by teenagers:

common problems faced by teenagers

A leading expert in psychology would tell you about the common situations and difficulties faced by a teenager. The very fact that you are reading this blog is because you are a concerned parent or guardian and this is enough to make you caring and understanding.

  1. Changes in physical appearance: Many youngsters do not like the way they look, especially with those big pimples and acne that occur during this age. Some even do not like their bodies and are easily bullied or body-shamed by their peers. Psychotherapy will help them to see the brighter side in life.
  2. Extreme mood swings: Impatience, impulsive behaviour and extreme emotions are common among youngsters. The best psychologist in Kolkata sees these as serious issues that must be dealt with at an early stage.
  3. Addiction and abuse: Smoking, drinking and substance abuse are done either to vent out their frustration, failures or simply because of inquisition. You must consult a counsellor who deals with young adults to provide quality therapy to the child to help him/her get rid of the addiction.
  4. Rejection and refusal: One of the main problems is that children are not taught how to accept failure or rejection. Thus, when they face a similar situation they do not how to cope with it. Enroll the child for the psychiatric help, since it will be beneficial for him/her to deal with future setbacks and refusals.
  5. Friends become their world: Peer pressure causes a lot of problems. All of the above mentioned problems are in some way or the other connected to the friends’ circle. Attend professional psychotherapy to help your child learn how to tackle peer pressure.

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Identifying the issues:

psychiatric issues

A professional psychologist discusses the problems at large with you and helps you to identify the signs of the typical adolescence problems. 

  1. Causing self-harm: Suicidal tendencies, making slits on hands, cigarette burns, etc. indicate that the child is going through inexpressible pain and agony. In such situations take him/her to the best psychoanalyst in the city without delay.
  2. Anger issues: Unmanageable anger, argumentative and rebellious behaviour are deep-seated signs of disturbed teenage. Be careful while dealing with the child and abide by the suggestions given during the counsellor.
  3. Uncaring and indifferent attitude: You really need to worry when all that you say to your child just falls on deaf ears. The ‘I don’t care’ attitude will do them a lot of harm and only a leading psychologist in Kolkata can help you out.
  4. Droopy eyes and laziness: Keep a check on the child to notice if he/she is doing drugs or is into addiction. These two signs are commonplace and must not be neglected.
  5. Failing grades and absence from classes: The child suffers from unstable reasoning and develops the attitude of an ‘escapist’. Thus, he/she stays away from school and tuitions and deteriorates in the studies. Psychoanalysisdeals with these situations besides providing professional guidance to the parents and guardians.

How to deal with these situations?

Follow the routine appointments with a top psychoanalystand keep in mind these simple rules.

  1. Be patient and connect with them oncommon grounds and interests that will help the child to get comfortable around you. Gradually, you will be in a good position to talk about the problems faced by him/her.
  2. Be there to help your son/daughter whenever the need arises. There is a possibility that the child might have committed something grave but do not make him/her feel neglected. Psychiatric help gives you more parental ideas to deal with them.
  3. Be a good listener rather than always advising what to do and what not to do. Even the top psychotherapist mentions the importance of lending a patient ear to your child.
  4. Be reasonable and not judgmental while talking to your teenager. They seem to become extremely sensitive and sentimental. Your shoulder and support are what they need more than anything else. The psychiatric counsellor is also just a call away to advise you.
  5. Be capable of teaching them rejection rather than forcing them to win always. The treatment is extremely instrumental in making your child believe that participating is more important than winning or losing.

Mindyog has the most professional and educated counsellor who assesses the young adults professionally and detects the problems and issues that they face. Here, you can enroll your child or recommend us to others and help them see some hope in the direst of situations. The mental health of several teenagers goes downhill because they are devoid of offline or in-person psychological analysis. Let our leading psychologist in Kolkata help all those youngsters, who feel lost and unloved before it is too late.


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