Mental Health in the Workplace

Q) What is meant by workplace stress?

When any responsible person works at his workplace, the workload or responsibilities and demands are high on him. And it becomes necessary to deal successfully with those difficult tasks with your own skills. This is called workplace stress.

Q) How do you differentiate stress caused at work from job responsibilities or load?

Workload or responsibility is an important factor in any workplace. As a result, the right direction and alertness or awareness develop in people. And when this workload becomes excessive or unbridled, there is more danger of loss than creating something new. It is in this situation that it becomes easy for a person to become stressed.

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Q) What causes workplace stress in a person?

The type of stress varies from person to person. But one thing everyone agrees on is that those who suffer from stress at work receive very little support. How harmful or dangerous a workplace becomes depends largely on the division of labor in that workplace and how an organization controls its primary factors. The World Health Organization (WHO) has divided these into 9 categories to identify these ‘stress crises’. Possible aspects within this classification are-

1- Little help or lack of help from organization or organization

2-Lack of transparency in organization goals and activities

3-Lack of communication skills in manager or director

4 – Not specifying job responsibilities or roles clearly

5 – Overburdening employees with too much work or delegating too little work

6-Lack of development of the organization economically or in terms of work

7–Inadequate and unequal pay infrastructure

8-Not ensuring job security

9–Creating a situation with little or no decision-making power among employees

10–Problems preventing skill development

11–Inflexibility and unpredictability of working hours

12–Inadequate and uncooperative work supervision

13 – Not maintaining good relations among employees in work

14-Creation of the mentality of violence, harassment, or attack in people

According to the American Psychological Association, people experience stress at work for a variety of reasons. It affects our mental health. So what to do if you feel stressed at work, see.

1– Meditation helps to reduce any kind of stress. But there is no time for meditation between work. But with stress, you can’t even work with your mind. This time take a big breath and exhale slowly.

2–Panic attacks also occur at work due to various psychological reasons. But anxiety builds. Drink a glass of water during this time. You will see that you are getting a lot of relief.

3–Continuous sitting often puts more pressure on the brain. So don’t sit and work continuously. Take occasional breaks. Take this break to walk down a corridor or talk to colleagues.

4–Sleep is very important to maintain good mental health. Take care to get deep sleep at night. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will be disturbed at work the next morning. The body does not want to work with fatigue. So sleep is very important.

5–What you eat throughout the day is also very important in this regard. A healthy diet is also required to maintain good mental health. Do not eat food in tiffin which has harmful effects on health. It will reduce stress.