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Need for Psychological Counselling in Corporate Offices

Each individual goes through an unsaid amount of mental pressure. To make matters worse the recent pandemic and long hours of working from home have only made matters worse. During the other times, employees of every firm have to deal with a lot of pressure. Plus they have to meet deadlines which creates a lot of emotional and psychological upheavals. The least that the office can do is to arrange for corporate counselling sessions for all involved in the firm.

Conducting corporate workshops along with psychological counselling sessions will be extremely beneficial. You might include certain games for your employees who might learn a lot of values. These games will help them to learn.

  • How to work with others
  • United we stand, divided we fall
  • In togetherness is power
  • Nurture empathy towards other colleagues

Situations that lead to problems amidst the employees

It is an unspoken truth that most employees fail to take the prevalent work pressure. Due to this their performance gets affected and it leads to frustration and acute depression. The thought, that they cannot tackle the situation, can have adverse effects on their professional as well as personal lives. Thus, as an employer you must understand the need of consulting a professional psychological counsellor.

  1. Incapability to control workload:not all are the same and thus, some employees will lag behind the others in completing work and projects.
  2. Promotions, incentives and increment:inability to achieve the targets as done by others can be really futile. It might be a big cause of hostility.
  3. Favouritism: often, favouritism, nurtured by the authorities, makes a particular person become an easy target of hatred in the office.
  4. Inferiority and superiority complexes:some also derive sadistic pleasures by taunting and dominating others. Though a serious issue, it still persists in most work spheres.
  5. Hatred towards others due to personal problems:all of the above mentioned issues are the proven and root causes of fostering hatred towards colleagues.
  6. Sexual harassment:gender discrimination and sexual harassment are also commonplace. Not only women but also men have to face such untoward situations.

Aspects to be looked into by the psychological counsellor

The psychological counselloris responsible to imbibe the following aspects in the employees.

  1. Communication skills:the best psychological counselling in Kolkata is all about increasing the willingness to openly communicate. Unless the employees learn to discuss their problems most of the situations will remain unresolved. Good communication skills help to solve a lot of problems.
  2. Friendly behaviour: the group counselling sessions will indeed improve the behaviour of the employees towards each other. They will learn about the pros of working together and this will also help them to bond at work.
  3. Compassion for others:once the employees become aware of the havoc of showing ill feelings, they will also understand the importance of showing compassion towards others.
  4. Dealing with personal problems:manifestations of personal dissatisfaction and unhappiness often hamper an employee’s performance at work. So they must also be told about ways which can help them to deal with their personal issues.

Impacts of the counselling sessions on the employees

The positive results of dealing with the evident problems are immense. Some of them are stated below.

  1. Improved results at work:once you know that the employees are counselled well towards contributing to a greater goal, half of the battle will be won. They are bound to perform better and work together as a team.
  2. A healthy environment to work in:fruitful teamwork will definitely lead to a healthy work atmosphere. This will in turn be great and productive for the company or office.
  3. Harmonious behaviour amidst all:with the help of the psychological counselling sessions your employees are sure to behave much better than before. They will also be able to deal with an internal problem more efficiently. Plus, these sessions will help them to assist others in need of support.
  4. Healthy competition: a positive competitive behaviouris always welcome. It means that each will try to put up his best towards what is best for the company. They will leave behind their grudges and personal shortcomings and not compete for one’s individual or selfish goals.
  5. Unity and strength:the group sessions will help them to stay united and put in their best effort to form a strong team.

As an employer you are free to choose between the face-to-face counselling sessions or the online psychological counselling ones. Looking at the future prospects of an improved work environment, you must take to psychological counselling at your earliest.


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