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What More You Need to Know About Psychological Counselling?

If you have been searching on the internet for psychological counselling, it simply indicates that you are interested in this subject. It may also reflect that either you or someone you know is willing to opt for this service. This is why we want to help further you learn about the subject. Through this blog, we will put forth some commonly asked questions about psychological counselling.Read them right away to gain more insights on this subject. 

  • What is Psychological Counselling?

Diagnosing mental and emotional disorders using psychological procedures is meant to foster conflict resolution and insight into difficulties, with the objective of symptom relief, behavioral changes leading to greater social and vocational functioning, and personality development.

Psychological Counselling
  • Can psychological counselling be classified? 

Yes, psychological counselling can be classified into three broader categories. The three major types of developmental counselling are as follows: 

  • Event counselling
  • Performance counselling
  • Professional growth counselling
  • Who needs psychological counselling?

Psychological counselling is for normal persons with difficulty adjusting to the surrounding areas, people, or environment. It also includes academic perplexity when deciding on a job or dealing with academically related stress. When your stress events impact your day-to-day functioning or activities for more than two weeks, you might be in utter need of offline or online psychological counselling.

  • What is psychosocial counselling?

Psychosocial counselling is a term that often pops up when we talk about psychological counselling. A qualified professional counsellor provides psychosocial therapy to an individual, family, or group to improve well-being, reduce distress, and enhance coping abilities. 

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  • What makes psychological counselling important?

Psychological counselling is important as it assists you in maintaining a good attitude regarding everything, including life. Counsellors assist you in creating a positive aura around yourself during the online psychological counselling sessions.

  • On what basic principles is psychological counselling based on?

The five fundamental values of autonomy, fairness, beneficence, non-maleficence and faithfulness are necessary for an effective counselling partnership. A counsellor may better understand the opposing concerns by exploring an ethical dilemma using these concepts during online psychological counselling sessions.

  • What are the different types of psychological therapies?

Here is a quick guide to the four most commonly used therapeutic approaches to help you get acquainted with them.

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented, short-term therapy that focuses on the relationship between our thoughts (cognition) and our actions (behavior). 

  1. Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on how previous and present life events and relationships affect your current feelings, relationships, and decisions. This method is a well-known treatment for depression.

  1. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Treatment with dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is cognitive behavior therapy. Its main goal is to let people know how to manage their emotions, healthily deal with stress, strengthen relationships and live consciously. 

  1. Humanistic or Experiential Therapy

Humanistic or experiential therapy, as opposed to behavioral-based therapies, focuses on a person’s nature rather than the collection of actions that comprise a distinct psychological category. This method is frequently sought by those suffering from depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and low self-esteem.

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