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4 Reasons Why You Need Marriage Counselling

Every couple has disagreements. For some couples, it is a money issue, for others, it is a lack of a sound conjugal life or a pattern of constant arguing. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has introduced a new potential stressors. Couples are no longer following the traditional ways of sacrificing and adjusting because they are now more career-oriented and see each other as equals. Therefore, the daily struggles of equality give rise to a lot of conflicts that mar the peace and happiness of a blissful marital life. In this regard, let us focus on the most common reasons that state why you need marriage counselling.

  1. You have grown estranged 

When the touch and embrace of your spouse no longer makes a difference to you, know that something is amiss. You can surely take the help of a marriage counsellor who wants to help you find a solution to your marital problems. Often, couples go through a rough patch in their relationships but fail to get back with each other after this phase is over. Those are the situations that make you drift away from and make you numb. 

  1. You fight over money 

Finances have been a major reason over which couples either make the relationship or mar it completely. You can fight over excessive expenses or the financial dependency of one person on the other. No matter what issues you are facing regarding money, you are going to fall out miserably and the damages done will be unseen until they result in verbal fights and physical violence. You must make sure that you go for marriage counselling in Kolkata sessions so that you can prevent further damages from occurring. 

  1. You argue and disagree 

You sway away from your partner when you are always disagreeing with each other having heated conversations. Talking in a harsh tone and using abusive words become common and to top it all, sarcastic comments create a bigger rift in your marriage. Falling out every time at the drop of a hat is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Therefore, do not prolong the matter and seek to resort to marriage counselling.

  1. You have loyalty issues 

Quite commonly, it has been seen that either or both partners have been disloyal to each other. Some couples come to terms with it and lead their own different lives under the same roof. However, the major issues arise when one remains loyal and the other does not. Fights are common, suicidal threats, divorce and legal separation also follow suit. But before you do take any drastic actions, you must enroll for a marriage counselling session and give your relationship one more try.

Marriage has been seen as a holy union of two people and in spite of all the negatives, if you still want to improve the quality of your marriage then you must go for the top marriage counselling sessions in your city. The sessions will be fruitful and give you a positive outcome.

MindYog gives you the best way to deal with a troubled marriage. You can now talk to our marital counsellors who help you to get over the common and rare couple issues. 

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