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All You Need To Know About Marriage Counselling

All You Need To Know About Marriage Counselling


  • Introduction
  • Most common issues between married couples
  • What happens at a marriage counselling session?
  • What does not happen at a marriage counselling session?
  • Conclusion

Couples therapy is not a miracle cure. It necessitates a financial commitment in honesty, bravery and humility. Married couples frequently come to attend marriage counselling in Kolkata and begin blaming one another for their problems. It is not uncommon for couples to start bickering in front of the therapist.

If you are looking forward to attending one, remember that couples therapists are not apathetic. They will intervene to direct the discussion toward understanding and action. For you and your spouse, this frequently entails letting go of preconceived notions and taking a step back to observe the process of how you communicate with each other. Remember that marriage counseling is not a place to hide emotions; instead, it helps you determine what you can do and whether you are ready to change by examining your feelings and discovering new viewpoints.

Most common issues between married couples

The most typical problem with couples nowadays is communication issues. As we all know, it is simple to develop counterproductive habits that prevent us from hearing what the other person is saying and cause us to get polarised in our own vision of the world. However, communication troubles can be a contributing element or a reflection of a variety of concerns that couples bring into the room during marriage counselling. These are some examples:

  • Affairs
  • Betrayal
  • Concerns about trust
  • Jealousy
  • Concerns about money
  • Values and aims that differ
  • Various parenting approaches
  • Broader family squabbles
  • Life changes 
  • Childlessness 
  • Sexual issues
  • Emotional intimacy issues
  • Work-related difficulties
  • Gender role conflict
  • Religion, etc.

Your counsellor’s role is to assist you to go below and around these issues to figure out what is going on for you both. Beyond the problem at hand, you are in the process of interacting with each other, and it is by exploring and growing your interactions that you may make a difference in how you handle that issue.

What happens at a marriage counselling session?

The marriage counselling online sessions allow you to get fresh insights into each other and your relationship, as well as learn new ways to be together. Marital therapy involves “skills training” to help you do something new, as well as helping you to discuss your feelings and views with your spouse. It has an appreciating emphasis and an exploration of challenges, so be prepared to remember what you love and appreciate about your spouse and to look at your partner with compassionate eyes.

What does not happen at a marriage counselling session?

Marriage counsellors at marriage counselling sessions may be able to assist you with coaching. They may, for example, assist you in learning new ways to communicate, but they will not give you advice or fix your problems. They are not also there to take sides. Rather, they will assist you both in being heard and suggest ways and methods to improve your bond with your spouse and work on the relationship. Importantly, couples counselling is not suitable in violent relationships. If an abuse dynamic is found, your therapist will assist you in obtaining the necessary aid, with safety as a top concern.

Attending the marriage counselling online sessions saves you a lot of time and even if you and your spouse are staying away from each other, you can still connect through the online sessions. There is always a path when there is a will and with your cooperation, you will surely come over the issues concerning your marital relationship. These are the basics of a marriage counselling session and you will come to know about its effectiveness when you start attending them in person.

At MindYog, we not only help couples discuss their marital issues openly but also make sure that they have another chance or improve the quality of their marriage. It has been years since we have been offering sittings for marriage counselling in Kolkata and would like to extend our assisting hand to all those disturbed couples out there. 


I was troubled with certain official problems owing to which my relationship with my wife was getting affected. I did not know what need to do and that is when a friend of mine suggested MindYog. Now, I am in a better situation in my marital life. – Mr. Anand Singh, Kolkata.

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