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Mend The Cracks in Your Marital Relationship with Professional Guidance

The number of estranged couples is on a steep rise. There are sufficient issues that have led to this increase. You might yourself be suffering from such consequences or are a witness to such a problem. Some problems can be handled with care and can be dissolved with a session of couple therapy in Kolkata. On the other hand there are strong grounds on which couples do file for a divorce or separation. Such circumstances have given birth to the need for marital counselling sessions in the urban areas.

Couples, indeed, go through a lot of problems that actually do not surface before families and friends. The fights that take place are only a manifestation of the personal issues. You will be shocked to know that presently more divorces are filed than the number of marriages that take place.

issues resulting in problems between couples

Issues resulting in problems between couples

  • Extramarital affairs

This is one of the major reasons leading to a split in a relationship. Many people engage in extramarital affairs with their colleagues, friends or neighbours. When the spouse gets to know about it, of course, it gives rise to a huge ruckus.

  • Losing interest in each other

Many people lose interest in their partners because they have nothing to explore in each other. There is nothing to talk about or their opinions just do not match. Living under the same roof and sharing the same bed becomes poisonous. 

  • Childlessness

Not having a child, infertility and adoption are strong grounds for marital problems. Many couples hesitate to take a baby because of the recurring expenses, lack of time for rearing the child, etc. It also happens that one partner wants a baby but the other does not and this leads to a lot of regular arguments.

  • Domestic violence

Perhaps, this is the most pitiful cause why a person would want a legal separation or divorce. At times the picture is so dirty that no amount of understanding works and the entire event turns into a punishable offence.

  • Job issues

Unsatisfactory performance in office, poor salary and more such reasons give rise to a lot of issues between couples.

  • Interfering in-laws

In-laws are often seen as a root cause of many divorces and separations. They tend to interfere in the issues between a couple and this makes matters worse. 

Besides these there are several other problems that indeed put couples through hell and mental turmoil. In such situations you can take resort to couple therapy in Kolkata. This will be of extreme help if you really want your marriage to work again. Most of the times marriage couples to mend their ways and others would be as follows

  • Communication is a great way of sorting out problems. The counsellor is like a mediator who will form a bridge between the two of you and get you talking.
  • The counsellor will also provide a safe and comfortable space to talk about your concerns.
  • You will be given sane pieces of advice to keep fights and quarrels at bay.
  • There will be no chances of dominating each other or abusing in the presence of the counsellor since you have to maintain a strict decorum.
  • The sessions in marriage counselling in Kolkata are instrumental in giving you good tips about how to relax and not get irritated in each other’s company. 

What can you do to solve your personal problems?                        

No matter what therapies you undergo or expert advice you take, at the end of the day you have to keep a calm mind and solve your problems. You have to come to terms with the problem and deal with it in a mature way. A session with the best marriage counsellor in Kolkata will surely help you but before that try doing the following.

  1. Go out on a short trip and rejuvenate yourselves.
  2. Ask yourself if you want to stay in the relationship and then take your final call.
  3. Try to mend your ways and accept your mistakes.
  4. If you have a child then a broken home would be the last thing that you would give him or her.
  5. Go on a lunch or dinner date with your spouse and recall the old and good times. Who knows you will find a reason to hold on to each other.

Marriage counselling in Kolkata and in other metro cities has become quite rampant. Many marriage counsellors recommend these sessions before the couple heads towards a final break up.


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