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Love too needs counselling …

‘Love is enough for two people to be happy’ is a statement that stands true for very few. Engaging in a relationship as well as maintaining it is like a plant, it requires nurturing. In the daily hassles, stress creates a negative effect on various aspects of life, and the relationships are no exception.

Conflicts, Stress, disagreements, boundary violations etc are various issues that can challenge a healthy relationship and cause disharmony and further stress.

This is where couples therapy comes in. It is carried out by a trained therapist for couples, who are experiencing issues to smoothen the conflicts of a relationship that are not being handled successfully by the partners. Thus, it involves three entities: the therapist, and the two partners who share a relationship.

A need for couples therapy may arise because of a variety of situations, wherein there us a requirement for a third person to step in to act as a facilitator for communication. , wherein there is a requirement for a third person to step in to act as a facilitator for communication.

The knowledge, support and equal participation from both partners increases the likely success of couples therapy in providing remedy to the problem situations. It not only helps to reduce distress among the couplet also provides a scope for further motivation for initiation of positive change . It allows for creation of a platform of growth and development.

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The aim of the couples therapist is to act as a neutral mediator who facilitates communication, open mindedness, empathy and a deeper understanding of problems in new light so that both partners can perceive the facts and situations from a broader perspective rather than only their own eyes which is distorted by bias.

Who is it for?

It is for individuals who are in a relationship with another, whether married or unmarried, whether same sex or different. Usually, a couple chooses to go for couples therapy when there is some impending stress, for example, infidelity, financial issues, boundary violations, unshakeable difference of opinions, excessive exaggeration of small fights, constant arguing, not finding a common ground, substance or alcohol abuse, family interferences etc.

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 What are some advantages of couples therapy?

• It provides a safe environment for expressing their feelings and emotions as well as gives rise to a safe person, where both partners can express their most vulnerable self in order to show case their true self, and inner motivations and justifications and feelings, that were previously perhaps repressed because of fear of judgement or criticism by the other partner.

• It throws light on individual strengths and weaknesses and how they can be worked with to strike balance and help to understand, accept and respect difference in opinions and values

• The use of various interactive and structural techniques like enactment, reflection and introspection of behaviours and responses, and most importantly, recognition of differences and distortions help to provide a constructive plan of providing a remedy

• It helps to gain insight into better ways to deal with interpersonal conflicts

• It helps to slowly and steadily encourage new and exciting ways of reconnecting and thus may help to rekindle a relationship

• It helps to better identify behavior patterns of the partner and understand the underlying causative factors and motivation behind behaviours

• It helps to address unidentified expectations, beliefs and intentions and thus bringing out repressed thoughts and emotions

• Due to the presence of a neutral third person, logical reasoning and rationality of thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be discussed

• It can help to rebuild relationships and make well thought out decisions

• The feelings of positive regard, empathy and congruence expressed by the therapist for both the partners creates the groundwork for open mindedness and sharing of empathetic communication between each other as well

 • A therapy session not only helps develop insight into the thought process and logical reasoning of the other partner but also helps to develop a corrective emotional engagement of experience with the partner

• It can bridge gaps in thought differences and create a space for healthy discussions with open minds

• It aims to improve problem solving skills by dealing with issues to find a solution rather than to cause it exaggerate into bigger problems

• In presence of a neutral third person, it also helps to understand compatibility and whether or not working towards it will be fruitful and sufficient to stay happy

• In the presence of a mediator, it becomes easier to pinpoint deviations from reality and thus have a more logical reasoning regarding conflicts

• A happy relationship also helps to cultivate an overall state of mental and physical health

• A trained therapist will be able to equip the individuals with better means to connect and understand the partner better

Studies have shown that in many cases, studies have shown that people go for couples counselling almost 6 years after being in an unhappy relationship.

In India, the growing figures of number of cases of divorce and ease of process will further facilitate the need for couples counselling. It is not only to reduce differences and to facilitate communication, but also to come back in contact with reality and understanding what the two people in the relationship truly need to be happy.

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