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Nuclear vs. Joint family

Nuclear vs. Joint family

A family is like a flower bouquet, different in color looks shape but together give an amazing fragrance which can help anyone forget their distress for a moment. Which change is an unavoidable part of one’s life, nothing at away with the transformation same has happened with the family structure? Family is said to be an essential part of an individual’s life. A nuclear family consists of a husband-wife and children, members of the nuclear family are very few. A joint family consists of related members of the family living under the same roof. It is the type of extended family. Comparison Unity and bonding – Joint family provides a higher bond of action unity and emotional stability.

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Every member has a concern towards an individual. A nuclear family has a prospective of mutual love and respect for each other. It shares parental love and sibling connection. Conflicts – As people live together there are chances for arguments or conflicts over shared values. Everyone has a different perspective even on a small decision. The nuclear family faces fewer quarrels. It’s easy to convince fewer family members. Impact on Children – When both parents are working it becomes difficult to manage kids. In the joint family, it acts like a pro, children have a lot of support and guidance from their grandparents, uncle, and aunts. Conclusion Every family structure shares some uniqueness. The joint family is the oldest and orthodox system of a family in the world. But in the past few years, there has been an unpredictable rise in the adaptation of nuclear family. But it depends on the individual’s if family, they can find privacy and comfort in the joint family also. If anyone faces adjustment issues they can seek help from mental health experts and can book sessions for Online Psychiatric Counseling.

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