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Myths And Facts About Senior Mental Health

If you are a senior citizen debating whether or not you would be benefiting from senior therapy and psychological counselling, it is possible that your opinions are influenced by one of these common misconceptions regarding senior mental health. So, we are going to break all those myths that will erase the misconceptions and give you a better life and improved mental health.

  • Myth #1: Senior members are set in their own ways and are incapable of any changes

Is it possible to teach an aging person a whole new way of life? Yes, you can. According to several studies and research, our emotional intelligence improves as we get older and grow wiser. Simply getting older does not mean that you have to keep doing things the same way you have always done them. You have complete control over your destiny and can bend things a little to feel happy. So, why not change your way of life with a bit of help from psychological counselling?

  • Myth #2: Senior people are uninterested in having a sexual life

Some people believe that as people get older, they lose interest in sex or live a blissful marital life. While seniors may not have the same sexual drive or desire as they did in their 20s, they still want to get it on. With divorce or the loss of a spouse, situations surrounding a long-term sex partner may change, and working through that adjustment with the support of a therapist may be incredibly beneficial. Therefore, the counselling sessions are made to fit the suitability of your age and needs.

  • Myth #3: As you get older, your quality of life declines

Just because you are getting older also does not mean that you have to believe that your quality of life will deteriorate. In reality, as you become older, your quality of life can increase, taking into account all the pains and ailments. For example, research shows that as we get older, we become happier. You can take proactive efforts to improve your quality of life over time by talking to a therapist at the best psychological counselling in Kolkata centre and working through your concerns.

  • Myth #4: Seniors are uninterested in senior counselling as they feel ashamed 

While aged people used to be more hesitant to seek mental health therapy, that is no longer the case. In fact, as per one recent study, more than 70% of senior members would not hesitate to meet with a geriatric therapist if they felt they could benefit from such services. When it comes down to it, you’re never too old to seek advice from an expert who will be your therapist, philosopher and guide. So, disregard anything you have heard in the past that can shatter your determination and mindset to lead an improved life with the help of psychological counselling. Seniors are increasingly collaborating with therapists in order to become their best selves and why should you not benefit from it?

Now, you should also know about another important aspect of senior mental health counselling.

Why must you go for senior mental health healing?

Let us look at some of the specific benefits you can expect to experience by partnering with the correct therapist now that you have a better understanding of the most pervasive myths surrounding senior mental health and psychiatric counselling.

  • Overcome addiction, sleeplessness, and a variety of other issues

As you begin to age, just like everyone else, you also begin to face problems like addiction and insomnia. According to research, 5.7 million seniors are struggling with problems and evils of addiction. Simultaneously, half of the elderly population suffers from sleeplessness at some point during their lives which in return affects their physical health and deteriorates their health condition. You can overcome these problems and live a healthier life by working with a therapist.

  • Improve your mentality

One of the most common reasons elders seek out the services of a therapist is to address difficulties like disparity, anger management, loneliness, depression, insomnia, anxiety, or overall malaise. It is possible to go past these challenges by adjusting your thinking when you engage with the best therapist. All of these together will help you to see the brightest side of life.

  • Personal relationships should be strengthened

Let us face it: no one wants to spend time with someone who is constantly grumpy or feeling distressed. You will become a more delightful person to be around if you improve your thinking and overcome the conditions that keep you from reaching your full human potential. As a result, you will have more time to spend with the people who matter most to you, and you will be capable of forming stronger personal bonds with the assistance of counselling psychology Kolkata.

  • Live a life that is more fulfilling

Many senior people believe that their finest days are behind them. But who says it has to be this way? Speaking with a therapist will help you recharge your soul and motivate you to be more active and get out more of your shell. For example, you might decide to volunteer more frequently in your neighborhood at events or festivals. You might also volunteer as a free babysitter to spend more time with your grandchildren or other important children in your life. If you are up for it, you could get engaged in town government or join the board of a local nonprofit organization, both of which would benefit from your abilities and expertise. Whatever you choose, such activities can assist you in gaining a greater sense of purpose in your life.

When is the right time for senior counselling?

You are probably thinking if senior psychiatric counselling online treatment is right for you now that you are reading these lines. If you have closely observed any new changes in your life, such as a lack of energy, trouble while sleeping, focusing on a simple task, or having suicidal thoughts, you should see a geriatric therapist immediately. Irritability, tension, restlessness, and participating in high-risk activities are some of the other warning indicators. Working with a skilled therapist can surely help you overcome any issues that are holding you back, ensuring that your golden years are truly golden. The right time to get psychiatric help is always now.

Live the years ahead in joy and glory, and bid farewell to all your tension and negative thoughts. If you believe that you can do it and improve the quality of your life, you will do it. Just lookup on the internet for jobs or services that interest you or join an activity that will make you happy. Do whatever it takes to assist you to stay mentally healthy, strong and determined.

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