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Top 10 Reasons Why Marriage Counselling Should Be Encouraged

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The institution of marriage is seen and judged with several views in every society. In some, marriage is a social bond and in some, it is just a business tie. Yet whatever it is like, when two people are in love with each other and want to be together then they have to go through a lot of struggles. Lucky are the ones who do not have to face such resistance! Much contrary to this, when the couple faces a lot of challenges, both internal and external, between themselves then marriage counselling is strongly recommended to them. However, it has also been seen that marital counselling is also good to improve the quality of marriage! So, this blog will tell you better about all those reasons why legitimate importance should be put on marriage counselling.

See a marriage therapist because….

  1. You must improve your communication skills with your partner. Communication is the basis of any relationship and that is why you need to discuss, talk and convey your thoughts and emotions to your spouse. If you have been unable to do any of these with your partner then consider making an appointment for couple therapy in Kolkata.
  2. You must revitalise your emotional connection with your spouse. After communication the next important thing that should matter in a marriage is feelings. Unless you feel strongly for each other a lot of problems are bound to ensue. The very base of these feelings is your emotional connection with your partner. By saying this, we do not only mean that you have to be sad when he/she is sad or vice versa but we mean that you need to understand each other’s emotional needs and status too.
  3. You need to revitalise your commitments with your partner if you feel your marriage is on the rocks. Realise that marriage is a concept of ‘WE’ and not ‘I’ or ‘YOU’. You both need to be committed in the relationship and the effort should not be one-sided but mutual. That is why you need to talk and communicate with your spouse about each other’s expectations from the relationship.
  4. You should enhance and strengthen your relationship if you value it or want your partner to stay with you. Marriage counselling in Kolkata welcomes both individual and couple sessions as per your need. You can take the sessions with your spouse because it cuts a clear picture before you both as to what you should do and should not to improve the quality of your marriage. For this, you need to take trips together, go out for lunch or dinner, enjoy cooking together, etc. In short, do whatever lets the two of you bond better.
  5. You must know how to deal with separation if you are planning to call it quits. The marriage counsellor will assess your case and would never suggest you to file a divorce or choose mutual separation. This call will rest upon you and you need to make your legal decision. Here, the counsellor will only tell you what you should expect after the divorce or separation is granted. This is just bringing you face-to-face with reality.
  6. You should think about your child if you have any. Divorce and separation have a terrific impact on a child’s psychology and it only hampers the child’s emotional constituency. So, you need to see a marriage counsellor in order to understand what impact will your separation have on the child. A broken home is the worst thing that a parent can ever give a child and so weigh your decision on a serious note.
  7. You need to focus on a successful marriage rather than thinking of coming out of it. Marriage is a big deal and how it turns out to be is going to your partner and your call. The counsellor only makes sure that you are going on the right track if in case you had deviated from it. There is no need to worry if you see a bad example around you because your marriage is unique and you need to concentrate on what you want and have. However, valuing your partner’s choices, feelings, needs, wishes and decisions lead to a happier and successful marriage. 
  8. You have to build your self-esteem if your marital problems have been making it weaker by the day. Whether you make your marriage work or if you want to walk out of it, either way, you have to realise your self-worth. If that is lost then you will be broken: physically, mentally and emotionally. So, see a psychiatrist and work on yourself and then focus on improving your marriage.
  9. You need to grow happier no matter what. If you are seeing a counsellor it can have numerous reasons like you want the marriage to work, you do not know how to communicate with your partner but you want to know how to do it, etc. No matter what you do, you really need to figure out if that will make you happy. Staying in an unhappy marriage is detrimental for your holistic growth and a couple therapist is the best one to advise you on this matter.
  10. You want to give your marriage a second try even after everything has failed. Couples usually fall out with each other because of infidelity, adultery, resentment, childlessness, mutual dislike, etc. In spite of it all, if you and your spouse still want to give each other a second chance then it is a good decision. You should, therefore, let your therapist know about your intention as he/she will be able to guide you better in the future.

Marriage counselling online and offline sessions are fast gaining recognition because of the fading essence of marriage and couples fighting hard to find their way out of all the problems. So, what are you waiting for? Without any further delay take the couple therapy sessions or recommend them to someone whom you think deserves professional help. 

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