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Vedika Agarwal

Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology

Vedika Agarwal

Vedika Agarwal is a motivated, proactive and reliant individual and completed her Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology and Mental Health. A Psychology post-graduate with a strong background in mental health as well as core skills and understanding of forensic psychology and practice. She has experience working with special needs children, distressed young adults, delinquent young adults, adults suffering with depression, low self-esteem, Body Image issues.

In her professional career she has volunteered in various NGOs and mental health organisations. She has monitored and assessed children and young adults with mental health problems such as autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, intellectual disabilities or learning disabilities. She has experience working as a special educator and promotes positive interaction in the classroom by helping students focus on important concepts, and overall help the students to develop academic and social skills. In addition, she mentored and counselled underprivileged children and helped them to deal with everyday life problems. Furthermore, she dealt with socially backward, psychologically disturbed and delinquent children and through the means of creativity and play therapy helped them resolve the difficulties that they faced in their lives and improve their mental wellbeing. She is compassionate and understands the circumstances and the mental state of the service users; in turn, help them manage their symptoms by planning their future treatment plans.

Her expertise lies in counselling and conducting integrative therapy techniques with children, young adults and adults with various mental health problems. She specialises in rehabilitation and reformation of prisoners and ex-convicts. She is also a research scholar and has successfully completed three research papers in the field of psychology and sociology. Her broad research interests are ‘Understanding of the Criminal mind and the different Reformation Interventions used for offenders’ and ‘Understanding the parent- child relationship and its’ impact on young adults’. She is passionate and determined to help people with mental health problems and provide them support to lead a dignified life.

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