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Sradhanjali Dasgupta

PGDPC 1st Class (Counselling), MS 1st Class (Psychotherapy)

Sradhanjali Dasgupta

PGDPC 1st Class (Counselling) , MS 1st Class (Psychotherapy) , MCC-Psy ( Advanced Counselling) , QACP (MHI) , QCT (Teacher's Foundation, Bangalore) QPR (QPR Institute), Artology Practitioner (AIIMS-Media , Registration number: AP05211024) , Diploma in NLP, SFBT. Trained in Montessori Teacher's Training (Kolkata) , Certificate in Dream Therapy, Profile Matching Career Counselling, Marriage and Family Counselling, Mental Health, Counselling and Psychology, Child Psychology, Play Therapy, Positive Parenting, Infertility Counselling, Batch Therapy (Level 1), Career Coach (Bodhami), Mental Health Advocacy and Supporter, CBT and it's Implications, Child Psychopathological Disorder in Childhood and Adolescent Behaviour, Hypnotherapy ( Level 1) . she has been extensively working in the field of Counselling and education for the past few years in several Clinics, Hospitals, NGOs and educational sectors. She also contributes her writings and blogs in various newspapers, magazines and e- magazines Her training and workshops are both for the corporate as well as for the educational sector and are geared up for learning and development, up gradation and capacity building. She have actively taken part in many debates.

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