Psychotherapy for children


Psychotherapy with Children helps to change or modify problematic behaviours of the child, to develop a better understanding between the child and parents, resolve conflicts, involves psychoeducation for parents about the disorder or problem the child is going throughfor the betterment of self-esteem in children and dealing with issues like inferiority complex, peer pressure, attachment issues, trust issues, conduct, concentration, learning, performance anxiety etc.

Different types of Psychotherapy techniques are used to treat children and adolescents facing difficulties related to emotions and behaviours. Psychotherapy may include an individual child, a group or children, a family or multiple families.

Two most important issues to consider when dealing with children in therapy are the levels of cognitive development and dependence on parents.

Different techniques are used when dealing with children.More emphasis is given on nonverbal interactions like plays, games, drawings etc. With the increasing age of child, use of verbal techniques are also increased. To have a proper understanding of the issues and the kind of intervention which will best suit the child, the parents must seek advice ofa qualified psychologist.

A detailed case history of the child is taken from the parents, teachers and peers. Based on the problems of the child, the level of development, level of cooperation with the therapist, and the kind of intervention that could benefit the child the most, a proper treatment or management plan is discussed and agreed on. Parents act as co-therapist to facilitate better improvement.

It is very crucial that the child and therapist have a good rapport between them. The therapist makes an effort to make the child feel safe and comfortable so that he may trust the therapist with the treatment.

A major part of child psychotherapy is parents counselling and parent psychoeducation.

In Parental and Family Counselling, the therapist may plan interventions with the family, teachers and peers, if needed. The length of the therapy depends on the severity and complexity of the problem.

MindYog believes in taking care of the emotional needs of the child as they are the future leaders of our country. Since every child is unique and special, his needs are kept in mind and the therapy is planned after mutually discussing it with the parents and family. MindYog has a dedicated and qualified team prides itself as the best child counselling centres in Kolkata.

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