Psychotherapy for adults

Psychotherapy for adults

Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods where the therapist attempt to gain understanding of patient’s problem, using various therapeutic technique, to facilitate constructive personality and behaviour change.

There are various kinds of psychotherapy and a clinical psychologist is trained to use his or her professional clinical expertise and knows best what treatment line to follow according to a patient’s case history.

Therapy address to specific forms of mental illness mood disorders, thought disorders, anxiety related disorders, stress, anger, sexual disorders, eating disorders etc. Therapy is also helpful in managing interpersonal relations or

Meeting personal goals. A course of therapy may happen before, during or after taking psychiatric medicines.

Most of the therapies are conducted one on one with the therapist and patient. If the therapist feels the need then he may also include group or family intervention as part of the treatment. A session usually lasts for 50 minutes to 60 minutes, once or twice in a week. Therapies may be short team or brief which are conducted for few weeks to months. And some are long term therapies which goes on for years, both depends on the line of treatment which the patient and therapist mutually agree on.

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