Healing Past Traumas

Healing Past Traumas

We are all aware of the word “trauma”, which means ‘a deeply disturbing and distressing experience’. MindYog, the psychological wellness centre in Kolkata, deals with the mental and emotional trauma in different age groups.

Emotional and mental trauma arising out of the past can be very long lasting and affect every activity in the present. MindYog will help one to cope up and get relieved from the past trauma(s) and help heal so that one may enjoy a better future.

How Mindyog Helps to Heal Past Traumas?

The expert psychologists at MindYog work with proven methodologies to heal one with distressing past traumas. The person who seeks psychotherapeutic intervention due to the scar of past trauma will undergo some specific curriculum of trauma care which are as follows:

  • Safety and Stabilization: People affected by traumatic experiences feel unsafe in their bodies and in relationships with others. Expert clinical psychologists at MindYog will let one feel safe and stable from his mental core through extensive verbal and non-verbal sessions. These sessions will help one to regulate and manage the difficult emotional outbursts.
  • Remembrance and Mourning:MindYog has expert counsellors who can help one find meaning in the traumatic experiences and a path to deal with it. Through this process, one is given space to mourn for the losses, to express grief and give space to the melancholy.
  • Reconnection and Integration: This phase is crucial in the sense that, in this phase, the counsellor at MindYog will help one to get integrated with the fact that the trauma is healing gradually and it is not the defining experience in his life, rather only a small part of life, making the trauma more acceptable and the healing quicker.
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