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Debaleena Ghosh

M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology

Debaleena Ghosh

Ms. Debaleena Ghosh is a Clinical Psychologist with an M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology (RCI Registered) and has years of experience working with clients of several age groups in tertiary hospital and OPD set-ups, in patient centres, de-addiction and rehabilitation centres, psychiatric clinics, as well as in schools, early intervention centres as well as special schools.

She has been trained from the Amity Institute of Behavioural Health and Allied Sciences, Amity University Kolkata and has completed M.A. in Clinical Psychology from University of Calcutta. She has been a University First rank holder and Second rank holder in B.A.(Hons) Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology respectively.

Debaleena has an extensive experience in diagnosis and evaluation of mental disorders in adults and children, as well as developmental disorders. She is also proficient in conducting clinical interviews, diagnostic psychometry: IQ assessment, personality assessment, assessment in developmental disorders, behaviour analysis, neuropsychological assessment in mental disorders

She has extensively worked with clients from a variety of age groups with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, substance use and other behavioural addictions, stress, relationship problems. She has also worked with clients with geriatric depression as well as common neurocognitive disorders. She has expertly guided children with intellectual disability, Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD as well as children with other behavioural and emotional issues, and has also counselled parents.

Being a passionate mental health professional, Debaleena works towards increasing awareness regarding the importance of maintaining mental health and emotional well-being and how it contributes to building one’s strengths and realizing their potential, thereby providing a tailor made and a supportive therapeutic approach that would help clients retake control over their lives, carving their strengths and potentialities to the maximum. She believes in planning psychotherapeutic interventions via an eclectic approach via techniques of Psychoeducation, Supportive therapy, Behaviour therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Motivation Enhancement therapy, Insight Oriented Therapy tailored to the need of the client. She also places major importance on the cognitive well-being and functioning of the client via techniques of cognitive stimulation and training.

Debaleena is fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali.

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