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Who Should Go For Mental Health Counselling?

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People often feel at a loss on not knowing what they should do when they are not in sound mental condition. Even, they fail to recognise the symptoms that quite evidently show depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, uncontrolled anger, and the likes. The increasing threats of these problems have a steep ascent when not attended upon and that is why many would recommend them to visit a mental health counsellor online or offline as per their convenience. 

But what is important here, is for the individual himself or herself to know, be aware of and detect the symptoms of degrading mental health and seek professional help without any delay. This is highly crucial because, by the time another person realises what is the problem with the patient, it can be too late. Now the question arises ‘who needs mental health counselling’ and ‘when’. Here is what you must look forward to.

Adults who are unable to work

Many professionals experience an unreasonable unwillingness to attend their workplace. Even when they have a prolific career, a handsome salary, attractive incentives, and recognition, they feel that they are not worthy of anything. Despite having a desirable job that many would die for, these professionals are not willing to budge an inch to visit their workplace. The question is ‘why’. 

The answer can be many but the most common one can be dissatisfaction. When you are not happy or content with your job position then what is the use of it? You would need to see a professional psychologist to assess the root causes behind this problem before it gives you a professional setback.

Children unwilling to go to school

More often than ever, children refuse to go to school. They throw tantrums, make excuses, create a melodrama, and truly fall sick when they have to go to school. Many internal and external reasons can be cited to assess these problems. Let us see the internal factors first. The developing psychology of the children varies at different ages owing to which they still learn to channelise their emotions, feelings, and fears. 

During these stages, they undergo a lot of mental stress that generally needs proper counselling but when this is not met out to them, they succumb to the situations which make them vulnerable before people and in life. All these and many more problems scar their psyche which gives rise to the external factors that prevent them from going to school. These external factors can be summed up briefly. Children are often subject to criticisms from their teachers and face bullying from seniors and fellow scholars. Some are scared to take the test or participate in an event since they fear failure.

Couples facing difficulty in relationships

One of the major causes of divorce between couples is incompatibility followed by infidelity, career issues, infertility, etc. These latent issues have been spoiling the beautiful essence of marriage and also because of this, many individuals get cold feet only from the thought of getting married. However, besides that the couples who are married and are facing a lot of sensitive issues in their marital bond, they suffer mentally. Even though they confide in their friends and family about the incessant problems they do not seem to get a sane piece of advice. 

Such couples need to see a mental health counsellor to deal with the problem and come to a definite solution. Unless the marital problems are addressed and assessed, the mental turmoil will tantamount to outrageous manifestations that can lead to severe consequences.

Individuals with suicidal tendencies

People who are rapidly losing interest in life are the ones who are more prone to attempting suicide. They almost shun the company of their near and dear ones only to plunge into the darkness of life. It becomes really difficult to deal with such patients who refuse to come out of their shells which means they begin to experience emotional and mental setbacks. 

They are the ones who stay aloof from social gatherings and ignore every means of happiness. In fact, they are not even left with the zeal to live life or begin life anew. So, they are also the ones who should opt for mental counselling online marketing sessions to benefit from them and improve the quality of their life. 

Parents finding difficulty in taking care of their children

Many concerned parents are often found to complain about the increasing distance between them and their children. When you take a sneak peek into their lives, a lot of related problems will surface. Topping the list of these problems is adolescence. It is definitely a trying phase of life for the children since they undergo both physical and emotional changes. In these situations, they have numerous expectations and demands that the parents often fail to understand. From these misunderstandings rise regular fights, heated arguments, and obviously the building up of negativity. 

The mother and the father are caught in a whirlwind of a dilemma where they do not know what they can do to make a truce with their child. Such parents are advised to undergo counselling to learn about the ways to deal with their adolescent child. The counselling sessions also help the parents to talk their hearts out without any inhibitions and make them feel mentally relaxed. When they talk to the counsellor, they reach a certain point where they can make their own decisions in dealing with the children and happen to assess their mood swings.

Patients who have increased risk of health issues or are suffering from chronic diseases

It goes completely unsaid that the patients who have been long suffering from an illness or have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease are subject to acute depression. No matter how much they try to fight the situation, reality takes away the ground from under their feet and they sink into abysmal depths of tragedy. Recently, hospitals have come up with a completely separate department for psychological counselling to deal with such patients. 

Over time, this service has proved to be fruitful where the patients have overcome the depressive phase and tried to focus on the positive aspects of life. Yet there is a huge number of ailing people who fail to seek professional support and suffer mentally. Such patients should avail of psychological counselling services to make sure that they live the rest of their life in peace and happiness.

Hopefully, this blog will welcome more people to feel encouraged to seek mental health counselling online sessions without any fear of getting judged by others. You must treat mental illness with equal importance as you would do the same for any physical ailment. So, without neglecting your depleting mental condition, go ahead and get counselled to prevent the problems from increasing anymore. If you are any of the ones mentioned above or are wise enough to understand that you do need professional help then make your decision now.


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As the mother of a growing child, I had to seek mental health counselling when my son began to show acute signs of depression. With consistent sessions with his counsellor, he is now doing a lot better. – Mrs. Jamini Dey