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Top 8 Ways To Cope With Gender Inequality

Top 8 Ways To Cope With Gender Inequality

Another century or more will be needed to overcome gender inequality. Difficult to swallow and digest but this outrageous fact stares straight at our faces. In a society like the one in India, where women are subjected to gender issues and girls are still seen as a ‘weaker sex’, we cannot help but ask ourselves: what should a woman do to save the disgrace of gender inequality? Though there are several potent ways to fight this social evil, what frightens a woman is once again the society itself. Due to this evil, many girls and women have fallen prey to severe mental illness, shattering their self-confidence; they have failed over and over again to deal with the ‘situations’ in spite of availing of serious psychiatric counselling.

But the time has now come when women have to stand their own grounds and accept nothing at the cost of their mental peace and dignity. To salute the undiminishing spirit of womanhood and boost female power, we bring forth this blog to help women and girls alike to take up and fight the odds of ‘gender inequality’.

Educate and liberate 

Begin with educating yourself. An educated person is always valued though you might have to face gender inequality when applying for jobs. There are still many job positions that do not allow women to apply. You can break such taboos and bag the job that you desire. But to do that you have to excel in your studies and prove to be a tough competitor for the male applicants. The change begins with you and with higher studies you can eye for much better job roles where you will give wings to your dreams.

Build your assets 

To conquer the world you need to build your assets, be it good communication skills, written skills or spoken skills. You need to be like a polished gem that shines even in the faintest light and never lets darkness dim its shine. Once you make yourself eligible for a particular job, there are high chances that you will face a lesser amount of denial. You simply do not have to pay heed to gender discrimination and prove your stance with your hard work.

Do not be bogged down by social prejudices 

Keep a straight mind and do not let social prejudices and stigmas get the better of your positive attitude. Gender inequality had been initiated from several superstitious beliefs and so the end of it should be dealing with the problem itself. It is better to ignore such beliefs and start with believing in yourself, and your abilities and spirits to take up challenges. When you carve a niche for yourself, gender inequality is bound to shatter.

Walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the other sex

Every gender has a right to live, study, educate and work. One gender’s supremacy over the other is quite sinister. You need to make your own place and fight for your rights. Once you realise what you deserve, you will be confident enough to walk and work at par with the other sex. There will be no room for discrimination, subjugation or oppression. As a result of which, no question of mental stress, depression or anxiety will arise. 

Avoid saying ‘yes’ to lower salaries 

Usually, women are paid comparatively lower salaries, unlike men. What is more pathetic is that this is the case even when they are both in the same position. In such cases, you can talk to the human resource manager or kiss goodbye to the company and look for women-friendly organisations. Such workplaces are not at all conducive to your mental peace and professional growth. It is better not to look for opportunities in those organisations that publicly support gender inequality.

Accept the way you are 

A lot of problems become easy to deal with when you believe in yourself and love the way you are. So, never let anyone tell you otherwise or look down upon you because you are a female. You need to stand up for yourself and make your inner self understand the same. Counselling psychology tells that your mind is also within your own grasp and thus, make sure that you keep nurturing positive thoughts.

Remember, ignorance is bliss!

Focus on your goals and toil hard towards accomplishing them. There is no need to pay heed to negativity. If you can willfully avoid sarcastic comments, discriminating attitudes and negative comments, you can go a long way. Simply do not let your calm be disturbed and concentrate on achieving success in every sphere of life.

Support other women 

In coping with gender discrimination that you face, help another woman. If this behaviour continues by helping and supporting each other, you can easily conquer the world and do away with gender inequality. This has been a well-proven fact as gathered from the reports of the psychological counselling online and offline sessions.

With these ways, you are sure to shatter the misleading concepts of gender discrimination and inequality. You must face your fears and overcome the possible threats of gender inequality. The top counsellors too are here to advise you about what needs to be done if your mind is extremely burdened with the untoward incidents of gender inequality. The psychological therapy and counselling sessions are personally enriching that leave you with room for positivity and development of self-esteem and pride.

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