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All You Need To Know About Counselling Psychology As A Subject

All You Need To Know About Counselling Psychology As A Subject

Counselling Psychology has emerged as a subject of study and research in all the leading nations of the world. The root cause of this emergence is the righteous need to have a subject that would deliver people from a fathomless mental condition to a relieving surface. A surface that will give them ‘hope’. As a result of this, the professionals in the same subject have come to be honored and revered.

The very purpose of penning down this blog is to bring people as you face to face about the different parameters circling Counselling Psychology. If you are one who is interested to know more about the subject and also to pursue it, then read it closely.

Educational background for a professional psychologist in counselling

Before embarking on the journey of an established and practicing psychologist, you must make sure that you are a bright scholar. This field of study requires an immense amount of hard work, case studies and hands-on training. So, you must be extremely dedicated and diligent.

When talking about the degrees you can pursue a course in psychology from any leading university in your city or anywhere else in the world. However, do remember that the university is a registered one else the degree would not have any value. Besides that, here is what you must do.

  • Psychological counselling can be conducted by a counselling psychologist who has completed the graduation degree as per the university norms.
  • Pursuing higher studies like masters in psychology is also a big ‘thumbs up’.
  • After that, you must surely apply for M.Phil., Doctorate and Post-doctorate degrees to get a better grasp on the subject.

Completing all the degrees would take you around 10 years minimum. Yet at the end of it all, you will be thankful for taking this decision. So go for it if you do have an inclination towards this subject.

Benefits of pursuing these degrees

The biggest and most cherished benefit that you must look forward to is that you can change the life of a person. It would be sheer happiness when you will make a difference in someone’s life. Moreover, there are several other benefits. The degrees and doctoral programmes involve a lot of coursework and instructions in several aspects like

  • Core areas of psychology are covered accurately. These are namely cognitive/affective, biological, and social aspects of behaviour as well as individual differences.
  • Supervised internship programmes are offered along with scholarships to encourage meritorious students. These are focused on the development of counselling, psychotherapy, assessment, consultation skills, etc.
  • Specialisations in theories of counselling and personality, human lifespan development, psychological assessment and evaluation, vocational psychology, psychopathology, research design, supervision and consultation, measurement and statistics, professional ethics.

The more you learn, the better and more efficient you become in dealing with your patients later on. Whether you practice on your own or in a counselling centre you will always be able to put your utmost as well as sincerest efforts into your job.

Why the doctoral degree is important?

As you are pursuing your education, we are sure that you would also love to have a great career ahead. In order to help you realise this dream, you must pursue the doctoral degree. It is mandatory to pursue so that you can begin your career as a counselling psychologist holding a psychologist counselling session. The common and basic educational degree is similar to that of psychologists working in any other subfield of psychology. Receiving a doctoral degree will open up better avenues for you in your career forefront.

Putting that aside, the fondness and keenness to become a psychologist will thrust you towards a more intense study of the subject. This in turn will make you eligible for both higher studies and future prospects. Therefore, the importance of the doctoral degree looms large over you to take your career that extra mile. Climb the educational ladder slowly, conquering each degree one at a time.

Your contributions as a student of psychiatric counselling

When you mature into an understanding counsellor, you will see the change you bring in patients of all ages. Among others, some would be

  • Interacting with subjects who need special attention for several internal and external problems related to their psychology.
  • Understanding that there is a lot of help that needs to reach out to people.
  • Spreading proper awareness of mental health.
  • Looking after the well being, proper development of emotions and recognition of the self-worth of the patients.
  • Collaborating in projects that aim at spreading the importance of psychological assessments and counselling.
  • Taking part in seminars that will enrich your knowledge as a student of psychology as well as a budding psychologist.
  • Getting better opportunities to ‘heal the world’ with your specialised knowledge.
  • Helping people to change their perceptions about psychology.
  • Making them understand that consulting a psychologist does not mean that they are a ‘lunatic’, ‘crazy’ or ‘mad’.
  • Advocating the need for psychological therapy in schools, colleges, universities as well as offices.
  • Exploring several psychotherapeutic processes, the roles of work and mental health and the multicultural dimensions of psychology.

Therefore, you see what you can do as a student of psychology. The array of advantages is neverending. Consequently, with the surging demand for psychiatric counselling online sessions, the need and requirement for professionally trained and educated psychologists will increase. Taking this particular subject seriously and pursuing it till the last degree will put you on much stronger grounds. Not only this but also you will be put into favourable grounds from where you can kick start a prolific career.

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