Find out if you are suffering from depression

Depression is a common Illness which has symptoms of persistent sadness, increased fatiguability even in carrying on with daily activities and loss of interest in pleasurable activities for at least two week and it disrupts your social and occupation functioning then the person might be suffering from clinical depression.

In India, the National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 reveals that nearly 25% Indian adults need active intervention for one or more mental health issues.

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Find out if you have internet addiction

If you are addicted to the computer and the internet it may negatively affect your school or job performance. It may reduce the quality of the relationship with your family and friends. It may give you a feeling of anxiety if you are away from the computer and can also cause depression.

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Stress Scale

Stress is an internal state which can be caused by physical demands on the body or bi environment or social situations which are evaluated as potentially harmful and comfortable for exceeding the individual resources for coping. While stress is a natural reaction to the various demands and threats of everyday life, sometimes it gets too much to deal with. This stress can lead to various disorders, both physiological as well as psychological. Some of them are heart related diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, depression & anxiety, gastrointestinal problems among others. Find out your stress level with this test. Please note, this is not a diagnosis

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Anger Management Test

If you have continuous stress or family problems or financial issues - it can trigger anger in you. Anger can be the cause of underlying disorders as well - like alcoholism or depression. Just anger itself is not a disorder but in excess can be the symptom of a number of mental disorders.

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Find our your anxiety rating

Anxiety can be caused by big life events or continuous smaller stressful situation in life. Examples can be a death in the family or stress at work or continuous worry about the finances. It can be the reason for the kind of personality you have as well - it has been observed that people with a certain kind of personality is more likely to have anxiety disorders.

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Aggression Test

Aggression can be common symptoms for various psychological disorders. The extreme negative emotions that we experience at times can also cause emotional aggression. It can also be the result of your physical health, disturbed family structure, relationship issues, school or work environment or socioeconomic factors. Unpleasant life experiences can also cause aggressive behaviour.

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Geriatric Depression Test

Depression is mental health disorder characterised by persistently low mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. While symptoms of depression are often common among elderly, they are frequently confused as side effects of other factors. Various physical conditions like diseases of heart, chronic pain or psychological factors like fear of death, lack of a social support, death of a partner etc are common causes of geriatric depression. Take the quiz to know if you are showing symptoms of geriatric depression.

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