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Corporate Wellness Program in Kolkata

MindYog is a leading psychological and cognitive wellness centre based in Calcutta, West Bengal, India for Psychological Counselling and Psycho-therapy. The centre is run by leading psycho-therapists who have an experience of over a decade in this particular field, and have treated over hundreds of patients with different kinds of mental illnesses such as anxiety,mood-swings,depression,schizophrenia,OCD(Obsessive-compulsivedisorder), PTSD(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and various other kinds of disorders and phobias.

Mental Health is integral in order to be living a healthy and balanced life. Our Mental Health includes our mental, passionate and social prosperity. This means that it also impacts how we feel, think and behave each day. Emotional and Mental Health is important because it also contributes to our decision making process, how we feel, cope with stress, and relate to others in our lives. There are a lot of working professionals who might be undergoing a lot of work stress, and are not able to maintain a balance between professional and personal fronts of life. Sometimes, even finding it difficult to cope up with the job profile assigned to them. India is currently home to a population of over a billion citizens. An investigation directed by World Health Organization (WHO) shows that one out of five Indians may experience the ill effects of depression in their lifetime, identical to 200 million individuals.. 

At MindYog, we have Corporate Wellness Program in Calcutta for employers and employees. These programs provide working professionals with a variety of resources for improving their lifestyle and health which in turn improves the work culture of the organisation as a whole.

Mental illnesses are the leading cause of disability to perform certain activities worldwide, and there is an urgent need for workplaces to take measures to address the mental health issues of their employees and focus on their well-being. ASSOCHAM’s ( The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India) report (April 2015) based on a survey conducted among 210 corporate employees infers that 48% of the employees surveyed experienced fatigue due to the general anxiety and work stress and rarely reached out for help. Awareness about Mental Health in particular is very important and if perceived negatively can have a potential negative impact on many areas of work performance. These problems if not dealt with, may adversely affect the success of an organisation from high turnover to low productivity. More than that, it becomes difficult for these working professionals to maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional fronts of life. The benefits of spreading awareness about mental health in an organization build over a period of time. A supportive work environment helps in reducing symptoms and risks of depression, which in turn increases the productivity of the organization and results in job satisfaction among employees. These employees experience better health conditions and understand the need for well-being and leading a joyful life.

Organizations investing in “Corporate Wellness Programs” are contributing in long term benefits to the bottom line and to the well-being of everyone helping in making the organisation successful.



  • Leads to improved cognitive ability in working professionals- Mindfulness helps those working in a stressful and multitasking environment to focus, have a better memory for details of a particular task, report less fatigue and have a better mood after the task was completed. It has been researched that working individuals who have engaged in mindfulness were able to focus better on cognitive tasks. In work environments as stressful as today, mindfulness translates the ability to remain calm and solve problems.
  • Increased Self Awareness- Mindfulness allows working individuals to develop self-observation and this has been the main factor in many leadership and organizational development. Self-awareness is one of the main attributes of emotional intelligence, which in turn has been related with improved leadership effectiveness and positive business result.
  • More Tolerance for Discomfort- It has been demonstrated is various studies that experienced mindfulness practitioners were able to handle higher degrees of pain that non practitioners. Hence, when we say we are open to the present situation, even if it is not pleasant, we increase our ability to handle discomfort. This is a relevant attribute in work environments which are stressful.
  • Better Mental and Physical Health- In various studies it has been concluded that mindfulness reduces cortisol levels, which in turn reduces depression and anxiety. Another study in The University of Massachusetts tells us that diabetics who practice mindfulness have a much lower blood glucose level than those who don’t . The study also tells us that mindfulness training in standard cardiac rehabilitation reduces mortality, weight and blood pressure. For higher performance at work organizations need to focus on tending to the mental and physical health of employees.


Most working professionals find it difficult to maintain balance between giving time to their children and work. The worries of one does tend to affect the other. The effects of taking work stress home has been a matter of concern for a long time. The less recognized aspect is the parenting stress which employees carry to work which in turn reduces the overall productivity of the employee due to loss of concentration. Hence, organizations need to cater to parenting education, wellness programs and employee assistance programs. These programs help employees to cater to work and family stress and also understand both travel two way streets. Parents who work are usually looking for ways to educate themselves about child development and parenting. Their normal sources are extended family, chats with other parents,etc Through various parenting programs working parents can get their questions answered, encourage small group support systems and increase employees self-esteem in other areas of their lives. The information provided to employees through these programs is of the kind which they can take home and use with their pre-schooler or adolescent.


Corporate wellness programs helps in maintaining relationships whether at work or at home. At work it helps the employees of the organization in developing their interpersonal skills. For people who fall a prey of procrastination, various programs are offered to help them overcome it. Corporate wellness programs not only help employees to work in a team but also make them understand when to be an effective team member and when to be a team leader. Corporate Wellness programs also help in reducing workplace politics among employees.

Through these programs employees get an insight on how to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. They also help employees with various other issues like marital and premarital counselling, maintaining individuality, and practicing healthy and open communication.

Hence, these programs are necessary  for employees to understand how to keep the balance between their needs as a professional individual and their family’s needs. This in turn helps in increasing the employee’s productivity at work which leads to the success of an organization as a whole.


  • Conducting “psychometric tests” for the assessment of personality, skills, attitude, etc for working professionals
  • Developing customized tools/assessments as per the specific needs of an organization.
  • Conduct research backed studies in an organization and provide psychological inputs in needed areas


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