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6 Reasons why Should Urban Couples Opt For Marriage Counselling?

6 Reasons why Should Urban Couples Opt For Marriage Counselling?


  • Introduction  
  • The need for marriage counselling for urban couples
  • The counsellor detects the problem(s)
  • Thoughts of divorce and separation are evaded 
  • The couple feels better and resolves 
  • Parental guidance is provided for affected children 
  • Improves the quality of the marriage 
  • Makes the couple feel at ease 
  • Conclusion 

A successful relationship is one where both the individuals are respected by each other. Love often takes a backseat after years of marriage but yes, if you do respect your partner then the success rate of your bond will be higher than most others. Despite every ounce of effort, many married couples tend to go through a rough time during their married years and suffer immensely. The reasons vary from couple to couple and well, most of you are indeed aware of the common reasons. And when it is the question of urban couples, the list of problems is endless. 

In the following paragraphs, we are about to discuss the different reasons that will push an urban couple to take resort to marriage counselling in Kolkata or in whichever city they are residing in. If you personally connect to the enlisted reasons or happen to know someone who would surely benefit from these, then do spread the word.

The counsellor detects the problem(s)

The marriage counsellor helps in detecting the problem that you and your spouse are facing. You need to sit before the counsellor and speak frankly about your concern. You can opt for individual or couple sessions and come out with whatever is bothering you. Since the sessions are based on conversations with the counsellors, followed by certain psychological assessments and evaluations, you must not hold back facts from your counsellor. The sooner the problem is detected, the earlier a solution will be provided to you.

Thoughts of divorce and separation are evaded 

With the burden of EMIs, neverending job risks, daily targets, household chores and others, everything melts down to a lot of problems between married couples. Even staying with each other for 24*7 under the same roof is a task in itself for many. And the easiest and quickest solution that would come to a couple’s mind is divorce or separation. However, this cannot be the ultimate solution to all those marital problems but might be a momentary answer to some of those. You also need to reconsider your decision if you have children of your own because once the legal proceedings start, they too will be dragged into it. This, of course, will not be a fair thing to do. So, urban couples are sure to get a lot of professional help and advice if they see the best marriage counsellor in Kolkata well in time.

The couple feels better and resolves 

As an urban couple, and especially if you are working, you go through the daily grind of juggling both professional and domestic responsibilities. This culminates in a lot of stress, anxiety and anger. None of these is good for your mental health and relationship alike. The marital counselling sessions are extremely helpful and finally, at the end of each session you happen to resolve one of the several issues that are creating havoc.

Parental guidance is provided for affected children 

Children are the most affected when it comes to a broken or an affected marriage. As concerned parents, you will surely second the fact that at whatever stage your child(s) is, he/she will surely face some emotional and social hurdles if you and your spouse are on good terms. Such children are often subject to drug abuse, sink into depression, show behavioural changes, etc. The marital counselling sessions provide an integrated guidance to couples who are going through troubled times or have fallen out with each other. This guidance assists them in controlling and helping their children if affected by the quality of their parent’s relationship.

Improves the quality of the marriage 

Among the many benefits that a marriage counsellor offers, the improvement of the quality of your marriage is one of the most prominent ones. Marriage counselling sessions are packed with candid conversations, activities and assessments that lead to positive outcomes. Couples feel free to talk about their concerns and problems with zero inhibitions since they know that the counsellor will act as a moderator and guide them through difficult times. When the couple begins to cooperate and take an active part in the counselling sessions, the quality of their marriage is bound to improve. It is because they have a strong desire to make their marriage work without giving up and stay together.

Makes the couple feel at ease 

Counsellors at the marriage counselling online or offline sessions always give their best to make the couple stay together. The experience of the counsellor makes the sessions befitting for the couple and they do not feel uncomfortable. Soon, the counsellor becomes a confidant in whom the couple can confide without any threat to their identity and security. 

Due to all these reasons urban couples are and should opt for marriage counselling. It not only helps them but also helps in dealing with their children. The couples are free to ask any questions that might be worrying them or are going to prove beneficial in improving their bond with each other.

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