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Arpita Mandal

M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Arpita Mandal

Arpita Mandal is an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and an RCI registered Psychologist. She is enthusiastic and self-motivated about her work. She is well capable of handling various types of Psychological cases and she helps the needful persons to get rid of their mental trauma, anxiety, anger, depression, hyper activeness, OCD and many more mental un-wellness problems with her handful experience and help them to learn to live a peaceful and normal life. She handles drug addiction cases, family relationship issues, child and teenagers cases including their school-related and personal problems. She has expertise in performing several Psychological testing like IQ, RIBT, TAT, DAP, BDI and more according to the problem needs.

She has served patients in several reputed organizations like AIIMS, Kendriya Vidyalaya, JNM Hospital, Blind People Association and some more.

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