Mental health goals to focus on !!

Importance of mental health :-

Keeping the mind healthy is just as important as keeping the body healthy for a healthy and beautiful life. If a person is in good mental health, he –

a) Can complete daily activities properly.

b) Various types of challenges may be faced.

c) Can live in harmony with family and society. Capable of normal and healthy adaptation.

d) Can take quick and correct decisions on various issues.

e) Become more productive and contribute more to the development of self and society.

-: Ways to maintain good mental health :

What we can do to maintain good mental health

1) Take care of yourself:-

Taking care of yourself is essential for mental health and healthy emotions. Release of repressed emotions reduces stress and complications. Set aside some time for yourself, listen to your thoughts, read books, listen to music. Try to forget the past and the future and live in the present.

2) Nutritious food intake:-

In various studies, scientists have found that balanced and nutritious food is not only good for our body, but also for our mind. On the other hand, unhealthy fatty foods are responsible for our depression. Foods rich in vitamin B-12, omega-3 fatty acids help keep our brain’s emotions-regulating hormones strong. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables play a big role in our mental health. Eating nutritious food regularly increases the immune system, resulting in both physical and mental health.

3) Sufficient sleep :-

Just as there is no substitute for adequate sleep to keep the body healthy, there is no substitute for sleep to keep the mind healthy. Because of lack of enough sleep, our mood becomes irritable, so we feel tired, the motivation to work also decreases. During sleep our body repairs damaged cells keeping our mind and mood invigorated. So adequate rest is essential to maintain mental health

4) Regular exercise:-

Physical exercise is very important for mental health. Exercise is very helpful in reducing stress and depression. As a result of exercise, the body gets stimulated, fatigue and mental stress are reduced. So make it a habit to exercise regularly to keep your mind strong.

5) Do hobby work :-

If you can do your hobbies, your mind will be good, your confidence will increase. Anxieties do not come to mind and repressed emotions also surface. For example – gardening, cooking or sewing, learning something new etc. As a result, brain performance and efficiency will increase.

6) Believe in yourself:-

Accepting your weaknesses and believing in your abilities gives you the courage to move forward in life. None of us are perfect. It is foolish to think about one’s weaknesses by comparing oneself with others. This increases inferiority, frustration, depression. Accepting your weaknesses from him or trying to remove them will increase your self-confidence.

7) Being grateful:-

Make a list of what you have received throughout the day and express gratitude for it. Don’t be sad about what you haven’t got, try to be happy with what you have got, this will give birth to positivity in your mind.

8) Spend more time with loved ones:-

Spending time with loved ones keeps the mind healthy. If you keep yourself indoors, depression and anxiety will increase, resulting in mental problems. Connect with friends and family. A little smile and a little hug are great for healing the mind.

9) Be Active :-

If you sit idly, many worries start crowding your head. So always be in work then the mind will be good.

10) Forgive : –

If you hold anger towards someone for a long time, it can lead to mental illness. So forgive, forgiveness can bring peace of mind. Forgive and stay healthy. The ways that have been mentioned so far are in our hands by which we can stay mentally healthy. . But it is important to consult a specialist to cure important mental problems. Although physical damage is good, emotional damage is not easily overcome. Some brutal incidents are happening around us every day, among those who suffer, various types of mental problems such as severe stress, fear, depression, depression can arise. We should be by their side, not looking down on them and arranging how they can live a fully healthy life.

A Psychologist can help you to maintain a Balanced Lifestyle and a behaviour modification , understanding and dealing with addiction, treating depression and anxiety symptoms, diagnosing and treating autism spectrum disorder (ASD), supporting people with dementia, helping people lose weight or live a healthful lifestyle, addressing problems in people with chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, diagnosing and treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dealing with sleep issues, dealing with infertility issues, career issues, relationship issues, fashion issues , trauma issues, LGBTQIA++ issues, Parenting Counselling, etc.