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How To Identify That Your Child Needs Psychological Help?

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In this blog today, we are going to discuss extensively the behaviour, several signs and symptoms that will reason out why your child specifically requires child counselling. The list is long and we seek your patience because rearing and nurturing your child is the biggest task as well as the challenge of parenthood. So, as a concerned and aware parent, you need to take a closer look at your growing child and providing him/her with proper psychological assistance when needed.

Signs and Symptoms 

The most common aspects are stated here to help you determine if your child at all requires professional counselling for child behaviour in Kolkata. However, there can be other abnormal or latent signs that might be completely unique for your child. So, on noticing such abnormalities or strangeness in your ward, consult a reliable child counsellor without delay.

  • Extreme mood swings: Your child might be exhibiting significant mood changes or patterns that include persistent negative or constantly changing moods. The top child counsellor in Kolkata and other cities cite this to be the primary sign of impacted child psychology. 
  • Changed behaviour: Children behave more unconsciously than adults do because they do not hide their original behaviour pretentiously. Thus, identify the behaviour of your child through changing handwriting, facial expressions, affected grades, seclusion, reacting less in social gatherings, etc.
  • Excessive fear or worries: The child counselling service in Kolkata identifies that a child is exposed to several threats and if his/her childhood is threatened then you really cannot expect a healthy human being in the future. These fears make the child succumb to situations that just worsen its mental state. Consequently, their physical health is affected. 
  • Fading interests: Children lose interest in their favourite people, things and activities they enjoyed once. There can be two views of this: one, it is a passing phase as likings change when they grow up. Two, the child is going through some serious problems.
  • Difficulty in concentrating: Degrading performance or reducing marks are definite signs that you must look closely at. It is not mandatory that your child has to score well in the exams every time but if the slack performance continues for longer then you need to think otherwise. These are simply the results of losing interests or the child might as well be having great difficulty in concentrating in whatever activities he/she is doing. Thus, kids counselling in Kolkata focuses on the point where parents have to be highly cautious about these issues. This problem in particular can be a silent threat of behaviourial and psychological disorders.
  • Physical symptoms: Palpitation, fast breathing, headaches, stomach aches, changed or losing appetite, and sudden weight loss or gain are common amongst kids nowadays.
  • Suicidal attitude: Self-injurious behaviour like making attempts to hurt and kill himself/herself, giving threats to end his/her life or slash marks on the wrists are blatant signs of depression or psychological disorder. 
  • Substance abuse: Doing drugs is so common today. It goes on to the level of regular addiction and impacts the physical health of the kids. They might get into this unknowingly or situationally but they do not find a way to come back from it. The best child counsellor in Kolkata deals with such cases and helps the child to recover without sending him/her to a rehabilitation center.
  • Violent behaviour: It includes a rebellious attitude like engaging in multiple fights, making use of a weapon and desire to fatally wound others, using abusive words and growing aggressive. 
  • Other problems: The sittings in child counselling in Salt Lake detect several other behaviourial issues related to a child’s psychology. The child fails to take self-care that results in improper hygiene, untidy appearances, dirty habits, etc. He/she can find it way too difficult in initiating a conversation or maintaining social relationships with even the closest of family.

Reasons for such changes

  1. Parental and peer pressure are killing many children. When on one hand the parents want the child to meet their expectations, on the other hand, the friends’ circle wants the child to follow their rules. For a child, both worlds are extremely vital. Between these two worlds, the child has usually torn apart as being vulnerable beings children do not always succeed to take their own stand. Thus, their spirits and morals are broken when they feel that they have let down and failed their parents and friends.
  2. Traumatic childhood experiences like physical and mental abuse, verbal abuse, violent parents, failures, the death of a loved one or a pet, etc. are some of the major blows that unnerve a child. The little ones have simple psychology that gets marred by such accidents. That is why the most famous child psychologist in Kolkata makes it a point to talk to the child and travel to the roots of the problem to cure it.
  3. Failure and success are the two sides of the same coin. Most children are taught how to enjoy, celebrate and handle success but how frequently are they taught and explained how to tackle failure? Sadly but true, the answer is ‘hardly ever’. This thinning behavior or attitude of parents and guardians makes the child helpless when they have a failed attempt. Consequently, the poor ones take to drug abuse, suicidal tendencies, and alcohol to keep depression and consciousness at bay.
  4. Family problems like divorce or separation of parents, economic misfortunes, not giving enough time to the child and dysfunctional families are reasons enough to hamper the child’s psychology.

Make a pledge today to support, understand and communicate with your child because even the best child psychologist in Kolkata or anywhere else around the globe will tell you the same. It is the birthright of every child. Today’s psychologically healthy kids will be the citizens of a better tomorrow. MindYog offers the best sessions in child counselling in Kolkata. Our child counsellor is extremely friendly and loving who makes it a point to make your child feel comfortable. You will be given both the options to accompany or not to accompany your child during the sessions. Contact us today to learn about how to book an appointment with us and help your child lead a happy life.