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How Far Does Marriage Counselling Work?

How Far Does Marriage Counselling Work?

Couples are struggling daily to make ends meet, keep up to the expectations of each other, bring up their children, deal with their personal problems and much more than they themselves can gauge. The end product of these problems is immense mental pressure that becomes lethal the moment it is not vented in the right direction. For such couples, who want professional help and are seeking to resolve their marital issues, they must go for marriage counselling in Kolkata or in whichever city they are residing in.

And we are recommending these couple therapy sessions because they really work. Here is what you can indeed look forward to making sure that the quality of your marriage is gradually but steadily improving. 

Improved communication skills

The counsellors advise you on what needs to be done in case of marital quarrels and incompatibility. It has been often observed that most marital problems arise when there is a substantial communication gap between the couple. Either they do not discuss the prevailing issues between them or they simply do not feel it necessary to address the situation. 

As a result of it, the problems tantamount to chaos when all hell breaks loose and huge mental damages are done. Therefore, marital counselling expects both partners to be cooperative during the counselling sessions for their betterment. 

A better reading of feelings

Couples fail to recognise their emotions and mistake body language. Even they do not express their feelings quite honestly before their partners owing to their egos. In time, this proves fatal as they go beyond their limits of tolerance and patience and channelise their anger in the wrong direction. Consequently, there is a huge mental turmoil that they cannot overcome and it leads to bitter fights, heartbreaks, verbal abuse and also, divorce. 

Marriage counselling helps to prevent such damages from happening to your married life. The sessions include a lot of conversations where the spouses are engaged in discussions about confessing their problems and expressing their emotions and feelings. And these do positively impact the marital bond.

Enhanced emotional connection

When you as a couple, talk more freely with each other, you are surely going to connect emotionally. It is not always that you did not have emotional bonding in the past, but what happens at times is that you tend to become unresponsive to each other’s emotional advances. 

The top marital counsellor makes sure that these emotional advances are answered and that they are reciprocated. As a couple in a marital union, you need to focus on both of your emotional needs and wants. The mind is the seat of unconscious emotions that requires your attention. 

Analysing the crises

Addressing the problems is not the ultimate solution. You have to weigh the problems and analyse the root causes. It is like uprooting a poisonous plant and throwing it far away. In order to curb the primary problem, you need to solve the other secondary as well as the tertiary problems. Once the crises are detected it will become immensely easier to reach a solution. If no permanent solutions are reached, you can still manage well with a temporary one. 

Being married to your partner you have the right to ask questions in case of any doubts but do remember that for once and for all you have to be out with your anger and frustration. It will give you a new start by leaving all the negativities and ill feelings behind.

Developing a stronger bond

When you begin to solve the problems, one by one, it is like clearing the bright sky covered with grey clouds. Once these clouds are cleared, you will be able to see your marriage from a newer and better perspective. Other doors and opportunities in life will also happen to come your way and make the two of you happier. 

Perhaps you can consider taking a trip or a getaway, a dinner date, etc. Boost your confidence to make your partner feel that you are happy in his or her company. Some of you would even like to take a baby and make amends for the damages done to this holy and social union.

Considering other factors other than oneself 

Your marriage is not about only you and your spouse. It is much more than that. Friends, families and relatives all come along with your marriage. So, you have to deal with them and need to watch out for how they are impacting your bond with your spouse. Besides them, you would also need to juggle a proper balance between work and life so that you have enough time to spend with your spouse. 

Such times help you to bond better and talk about petty and serious affairs. See them as a crucial chance to communicate and come out with whatever emotions and thoughts are playing on in your mind. You can give a huge thanks to marriage counselling online sessions as they have come up with these golden pieces of advice over time and through experiments.

When you consult the best marriage counsellor in Kolkata, you are actually welcoming progress in your relationship. The professional and experienced marriage counsellors advise you about the right things that need to be done. You will be in a better shape, both mentally and physically, once you see how things are turning out to be in your favour and make your marriage better than before. Thus, marital counselling should be considered by most couples these days, as it works wonders to strike the right chord with their partners.


At MindYog, we offer marital counselling sessions and help your relationship to improve. The meticulous marriage counsellors have the experience to advise you to be on the right track about what needs to be done when faced with a marital problem.


My relationship with my wife was on the rocks until a friend of hers suggested that we contact a top marriage counsellor. We started searching for one and came across MindYog and since then we have been taking their online sessions much to our comfort and relief. – Mr. Rajesh Pilani

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