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What is Depression?

What is Depression?

“Depression”, the word we use so causally now a days. We use the word even when we are having a bad day to when we feel absolutely hopeless, worthless and helpless. It’s very hard to point out the specific day and time when depression started. It slowly starts growing on the person and takes him or her in its grip. We tend to ignore all the small changes and signs, naming it “mood swing” or “stress” and then comes the day when we finally cannot ignore it anymore.

Clinically the primary symptoms of depression are low mood, increased fatigability and loss of interest in pleasurable activities. And the secondary symptoms comprise of sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, excessive guilt and other negative emotions, pessimistic view of future, loss of concentration and attention, increased anger, irritation and frustration. Everything seems to be too hard. All the things that one enjoyed doing previously, doesn’t feel like doing anymore. They even wonder that how they were so energetic before, how they used to be so happy before. They feel they can never be happy as sadness or the low mood has become the insuperable part of their life, even if everything is going on good around them still they don’t feel good or happy about it.

Sleep looks like the best solution for all the problems. That’s why it’s so hard for them to leave their beds in the morning. It’s difficult to make people understand about what they are going through as their friends and family members would always suggest them to change their lifestyle, or go and meet new people, divert their minds and so on. But all these tasks no matter how small they are from cutting vegetable or washing the car to see a face to face counsellor near me (you), seems to be so huge, that it looks like mount Everest to conquer.

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What is depression?

Depression initially is a reaction. A reaction to stress, which one is not able to cope up with. A reaction to changes where one is not able to adjust. Reaction to culture shock, or a change of place people and environment. Depression is when person is not able to take more of what life has to offer anymore. It is anger to some injustice which he or she or someone close to them might had to face. It also might be some regret or a grudge which one has been holding since long. It can also be a reaction to a situation where one didn’t get a proper closure, in a break up, or death of a loved one. It can be a reaction towards rejection and biasness. These are only a few situations which was on the top of my head, depression is all of this and much more. We never know when it slowly starts to grow on us.

If you are able to relate to any or most of the situations, the first and the most crucial thing is to realise and accept that its okay to have depression and do not to get depressed about depression. It’s okay not to feel okay. Don’t judge yourself, or try to push yourself too much.

Secondly, give yourself time. Just the way it slowly grew on you, it will take time to slowly disappear too. There won’t be a fine morning when you will start feeling better automatically (even though there are days when you actually feel better for some time), but you need to make small efforts if you really want to get out of it. Just because a better and happier future doesn’t seem possible to you, don’t stop making small little efforts to make it alright, because take it from me it is possible.

Thirdly, no matter how hard it sounds, but seek help and it’s absolutely okay to seek help. No! You are not weak. Confine in someone whom you trust, a family member, a friend, or even your doctor or psychotherapist. Talk to them and let them help you. It might sound very tiring, to narrate your entire story to someone new or to a stranger, but imagine about the happy and beautiful life which is waiting for you.

No matter how hopeless you feel right now, but as long as there is life, there is hope. Lots of people have in the past and is still going through depression. But because of their small efforts and with the help of a professional they have been able to cross the dark tunnel. If you feel that you need help, and if these words were able to encourage you even 1%, take your phone and search depression counselling in Kolkata (or any other part of world) now!

Hope you feel better soon…


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