Swati Agarwal

M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology)

Swati Agarwal

She did her Bachelors and Masters in Clinical Psychology as a Gold Medallist. She went on to complete her M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology, which is accredited by RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India). She is also a certified Hypnotherapist. Her major areas of specialization are Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology and Health Psychology.

Adding laurels to her already distinguished portfolio, she has attended various International Seminars on Health and Medicine. She has also been associated with Radio City for Various Talk Shows to increase awareness and offer solutions to problems related to social issues like parenting, stress during exams, internet addiction and the like.

In her working span of over 3 years, she has successfully treated innumerable patients with complaints of depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, marital discord/disharmony, substance and/or mobile addiction, prolonged grief disorder, premarital therapy, obsessive compulsive disorder, dissociative disorders, personality issues, dependency issues, trust issues, inferiority complex issues, among others.

In the coming days, her primary initiative would be to help people understand that addressing mental issues in a timely and efficient manner is as important as addressing issues related to any other part of the human body. She firmly believes that each and every individual deserves to be happy and wants to contribute in eradicating the mental health "stigmas" which prevail in our country. Her mission is to provide World Class Mental Care to one and all, to reach out to and help more and more individuals suffering from mental and emotional problems. Global Mental Empowerment is her work ethos and she would continue to live by the principle that "a happy mind can only make this world a happier place to live in".

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