Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Online therapy is the process where therapy is provided through the Internet that is via video conferencing. It is suggested for people who wants to take therapy but either stay far apart, in different city or are not able to manage time due to hectic work schedule and in some cases wants to hide their identity.

This process is very helpful in filling up the gap between people who are suffering from any mental health disorder but are not coming to seek therapy due to stigma in our society and going untreated. Also this process has helped to decrease the number of missed or cancelled sessions by the patients.

Rural residents or under served minorities often find it easier to find a suitable therapist and getting treated online rather than traveling to the city every week.

Also online therapy is of great importance as it provides counselling services to kids and youth or for that matter even adults, who are in any severe crisis and wants to make a distress call. It is seen that people who was suicidal, needs someone to talk to and if they could just vent out their emotions and get undistracted attention from someone, the self harm activity could be all together avoided.

Benefits of online counselling or therapy:

  • Online therapy or counselling is easily Accessible. People staying in rural areas, people who are specially abled, those who have virtual impairments, can all seek therapy online.
  • Youth, teens and children who are well versed with technology feels more comfortable taking therapies online.
  • Online therapy is more convenient for both therapist and patient. Patient can manage their time in the hectic work schedule more effectively and therapist can extend services to more patients covering more geographical area over the span of 24 hours.
  • Patients who are uncomfortable talking face to face initially can start with online therapy.
  • As mentioned above, online therapy is the best choice for patients who are uncomfortable going to the traditional setting of therapy due to mental health stigma. It can help patient feel less stigmatised as he would not be seen by others.
  • The absence of face to face contact can also prompt clients to communicate more openly without concerns for bias of race, gender, age, size or physical appearance increasing more trust and confidence.

Even though there are a lot of advantages of online therapy some disadvantages which could effect the course of treatment is the absence of verbal and non verbal cues. Anytime, face to face communication is lot more effective than virtual conversation as we can see the body language, can maintain eye contact, gaze the thought process, feelings of the patient in a more effective way, behavioural observations which are a crucial part of therapy can only be observed correctly when having therapy face to face. Also if there is some technological failure during the therapy is going on, it can disrupt the entire session, distressing the patient even more.

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